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Keeping a Visionary on Task

August 2009 - Beach & Bern 2 DG 161

Jules takes drastic measures to stay focused in a workhorse of a meeting with COO Patti

If you know Daily Grommet, you know our founder, Jules. She has a few skills up her sleeve.  But we recently found one thing that might qualify as "needs improvement":  concentrating for long periods of time on tasks that cannot be accomplished on her Mac. Check out the picture above.  Seriously, this is what we had to resort to last week.

Last Thursday Patti, our COO, was trying to commandeer the loquacious and energetic Jeanne and the always- thinking Jules to work through a list of system requirements.  Big fun for a gorgeous sunny summer day here in Lexington.

About the time Patti hit "#842", Jules could no longer take it.  She had been staring at the floor but she could still see her Mac out of the corner of her eye...and the emails were oh-so -beckoning!  So she had to take it one step further in order to keep her mind on the important, but tedious, task on hand.  Enter: the cardboard box, which she bravely kept over her head through #918, when one of us had to move our car to let someone out (more on this in a different post soon).

Oh, the stories we could tell.  And we will.

Stay tuned.

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