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Kick-Ass Crowdfunding Campaigns for May

It's almost summer here at The Grommet and we're gearing up for some really exciting things happening in the next few months. One of our favorite things to do each month is get to know some great crowdfunding campaigns and decide which we think have good potential for long term success.

We're starting the season off right by investing is some majorly kick-ass crowdfunding projects. We've done a lot of research for this month's products and decided on these to name just a few. We can't wait to see them come to market and hope you are just as excited. Do you support projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that you think might make it big? Follow along with our series here to see which projects we invest in monthly.


Kuli Kuli bars Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli

$45,324 raised of $50,000

Days to go: 16

While in the peace corp, the founder of Kuli Kuli discovered a nutritious plant made in West Africa called Moringa. It helped her to fight off the possibility of malnutrition and she decided to bring the plants benefits to the U.S. So she started a company to produce these gluten free, raw snack bars called Kuli Kuli. She now needs your help to get these bars into production.


guitar for iphone JamStik


$143,430 raised of $100,000

Days to go: 6

JamStik  is a modern-day, technology-charged version of the traditional guitar. When learning to play, you typically need to worry about tuning, disturbing neighbors and transporting the heavy instrument. This is a super-cool, portable digital guitar that connects to an iPad or iPhone. It uses light to scan a players fingers as they press strings, then sends that information over to a smart phone in real time. The smart phone helps you make cool music and helps you to learn more quickly.

internet, Africa Brck


$106,544 raised of $125,000

Days to go: 13

The idea behind Brck was created out of a local problem in rural Kenya: providing reliable internet connectivity where power and electricity are not always present. Brck is easy to use and can connect to the internet through an ethernet, cellular data or open wifi channels. It's portable, easy to set up, can support up to 20 devices and is able to provide wifi for multiple rooms. The team likes to say "If it works in Africa, it will work anywhere."


iphone stand, iphone tripod Keyprop


$17,552 raised of $30,000

Days to go: 9

Keyprop dubs itself as "the world's smallest tripod and stand". Yet we don't think that phrase does it justice. Keyprop is a smart way to keep your keys and your phone together, while at the same time creating a handy stand for your smart device. It's also pretty cool looking! Want to take a picture and use a timer to take the picture from afar? Now you can. Want to sit back, relax and watch a video on your phone without holding it? Now you can. You can even adjust the angle of the stand by propping it higher or lower.


car art, home decor Blackprints


$69,617 raised of $50,000

Days to go: 30

Founder of Blackprints, Sabrina Chun, loves cars. She loves driving them, admiring them and thinking about how each is different. That's why she's created Blackprints, an inverse black and white illustration of beloved classic cars, in print form . These prints are sleek, beautiful and will look great in your home or office; plus they'll help you day dream about your favorite car.

 Which campaign is your favorite? 

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