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Live Green with Eco-Friendly Accessories

In light of Earth Day (Really, April seems to be more of an Earth Month) and this week's post consisting of Eco friendly tips from our 'green' pals, we thought it would be a great time to feature seven of our green Grommets that are great to give! So, if you need a green gift idea, we've got you covered!

green gift ideasAll Art, No Waste Blue Moon Bottles, now six years old, creates handheld works of art from reclaimed wine bottles. Sherri’s drinking glasses and vases are made from bottles that vary in color, size and shape, but all catch the light beautifully. (Starting at $25) Buy Blue Moon Bottles' recycled glass tumblers here.


Cosmetic Order. UNII Cosmetics Imagine being able to replace a bunch of green gift ideadifferent makeup compacts with a single palette that holds all your favorite colors and brands. Now imagine one generous-size mirror instead of a handful of impractically small mirrored cases cluttering up your cosmetics bag. That's what UNII cosmetics are all about. ($29.00) Buy UNII Palette's magnetic makeup and eyeshadow compact here.


Handpresso Wild Domepod, Small Portable Espresso Machine, Espresso Machine for Camping, Travel Espresso Machine, handheld espresso machine, portable cappuccino machine, handheld cappuccino maker, travel cappuccino makerSimple Espresso. The Handpresso Wild Domepod The is a hand-held espresso maker that requires only ground coffee, hot water and a few hand pumps to create the perfect cup at home, in the office and anywhere else you can think of. ($9.99 - $120.00) Buy the Handpresso Wild Domepod small portable espresso machine here.




Fair Trade Sports, Soccer Balls, Basketball, Football and Volleyball, Fair trade soccer balls, Respect Soccer Ball, Oprah Soccer Ball, Fair Trade Sports BallsFair Play.Fair Trade Sports is the first U.S. sports equipment maker to launch a line of eco-certified balls that are built by adult workers who are guaranteed healthy working conditions and fair wages. (Starting at $29.95) Buy Fair Trade Sports soccer balls, basketballs, footballs and volleyballs here.



Anywhere Fireplace, Contemporary Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace or Fireplace Pit, Wall Mount Fireplace, Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace, Outdoor Wall Mount Fireplace, Contemporary Wall Mount Fireplace, Bio-Ethanol Fireplace, Smokeless Fireplace, Bio Ethanol Liquid Fireplace FuelAll Fired Up. What sets these Anywhere Fireplace fireplaces apart is how easily (and affordably) they can create the perfect mood for a romantic evening, a gathering of friends, or unwinding after a long day. If you’ve always coveted a fireplace but lack a chimney, this is an elegant, eco-friendly alternative that’s all ambiance, and no fuss. ($149.95 and up) Buy a contemporary stainless steel wall mount or pit Anywhere Fireplace here.



Thinksound Headphones, Wood Earbuds | Best Earbud Headphone, Best In Ear Headphone, Wood In Ear Headphone, Wooden Earbuds,

Ready To Rock. Unlike standard-issue plastic earbuds, ThinkSound's in-ear headphones are made with real lychee wood, which creates a rich, crisp tone and a more natural resonance. ($49.95 and up) Buy ThinkSound's wood earbuds here.




Jokipiin Pellava, Luxury Bath Towels, Finnish Linen Towels, Massaging Towels, Luxury Bath Mitt, Luxury Wash Cloth, Luxury Hand Towel, Linen Bath Mitt, Linen Wash Cloth, Linen Bath TowelsThe Finnish Secret. These 70% linen, 30% organic cotton “friction” towels are a specialty of Jokipiin Pellava, a 90-year-old textile business. They are designed to dry you off quickly (linen is much more absorbent than cotton), while sloughing off dead skin cells and increasing circulation. (Starting at $21.00) Buy Jokipiin Pellava's linen luxury bath towels here.

If you're interested in looking at more of our Green Grommets, check out our Green Gift Idea category.

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