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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Packed Lunch

Upgrade lunchtime with these six new products. Whether you're packing your own lunch for the office, or looking for a better way to send the kids' lunches to school –we've got you covered. These innovative lunch solutions just might be the best back to school (or back to the office) supplies you pick up all year.

back to school supplies - metal lunch box

Lunch Bento Box

This deep dish style lunch bento box is the perfect container for carrying your homemade food. Pack and organize your lunch your own way. Shop Now

back to school supplies - reusable lunch bags

Sandwich and Snack Bag Set

Reusable, food safe fabric lunch bags. Eliminate the need for single-use plastic baggies. Durable, quick drying and dishwater-safe. Shop Now

back to school supplies for lunch

Glass Coffee Cup

Made from strong borosilicate glass, each cup is microwave safe, BPA free and modeled after standard disposable coffee cup sizes. Shop Now

lunch back to school supplies

Stöh Lunch Tote

Insulated, collapsible, and attractive, these environmentally safe lunch totes are the perfect marriage of form and function. Shop Now

new back to school supplies

Compleat FoodBag
Silicone Lunch Bag

Reusable lunch bag that keeps food fresh and protected and rolls up compactly for easy cleanup when your meal is over.  Shop Now

cool back to school supplies

Multi-use Glass Bottles

Retap glass bottles are an elegant way to drink, pour, and store beverages or other liquids, hot or cold. Pack your favorite beverage or even salad dressing. Shop Now

Looking for more back to school supplies? We're sharing the best products to decorate your dorm with, and if you're college-bound you'll want to check out the six products on our intern's must-have list.


  • Catherine May Langin Says:

    An "old but new" lunchbox we've been manufacturing since 1956, The Miners Lunchbox was built to tip on end and use as a seat while lunching or waiting for the bus! Well known to last 30,40 even 50 years, then handed down to the next generation with family pride and that's no baloney. A million sold with NO RETURNS! www.minerslunchbox.ca

  • Nathan Says:

    Where's Frego, launched just a week or two ago?! >;-)

  • Amy Says:

    Back in the days when I was going to school my mom all the time was giving me lunch in that cute boxes. I had it as different as you can imagine it. My mom really loved to buy different boxes.
    Amy from <a href="http://customwritingz.net/">custom writing</a>

  • Catherine Clark Says:

    I checked out the Miners Lunch Box. Ugly (at least to me!) and hugely expensive. Not something I want or could even afford.

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