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A Salute to Our Veterans

One of our values at The Grommet is to promote ‘underrepresented entrepreneurs.’ They’re Makers facing extra difficulties on top of the already immense challenges of bringing a business to life. One of the groups under this underrepresented umbrella: veterans.

made by veterans

Fundera, a small business loan service, notes one in seven veterans currently seek to be self-employed or own a small business. 2.45 million veterans already do and they’re contributing $1.2 trillion in sales to the country’s economy.

According to Fundera, “the small business world would be a shadow of itself without the contributions of military veterans.”

And yet, funding access remains elusive. Luckily, there are organizations we've partnered with that are supporting Veterans as well as Veterans who have cleared the funding hurdle to start their own business.

Bunker Labs - Incubator for Veteran Entrepreneurs 

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Todd Connor learned when you see something that needs to be done and you can do something about it, you don’t think twice. 25% of military veterans want to start a business when they come off of active dutyBunker Labs serves as a business incubator. With educational programs, networking events, and online tools designed to help leverage the skills veterans acquired while serving, it supplies the crucial elements every aspiring entrepreneur needs.

Patriot PAWS - Training Service Dogs for Veterans

Patriot PAWS trains service dogs to do just about anything an injured vet might need—from pulling a wheelchair to picking up fallen objects to contacting help in an emergency. Besides providing companionship and tangible assistance to injured servicemen and women, these pups are also changing the lives of inmates. Their Prison Program empowers inmates to train some of the dogs, teaching incarcerated individuals a new, meaningful vocation while letting them give back to the greater good.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - Supporting our Returning Soldiers

When our military men and women are injured in the line of duty, they deserve the best possible treatment. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund makes sure that happens by supporting the research, diagnosis, and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions.

Operation Homefront- Supporting Military Families

Operation Homefront provides essential emergency assistance and emotional support for our troops, for the families they leave at home while they're on active duty, and for wounded warriors when they return. Headquartered in San Antonio, the charity provides services through regional branches all around the country. Local staff supports emergency financial burdens of military families— including household repairs, relocation assistance, medical bills, and even food and critical baby items—as well as counseling and recovery support.

Rumi Spice - Artisanal Afghan Saffron

Army Veterans Kim Jung and Keith Alaniz founded Rumi Spice after serving in Afghanistan. There they met rural Afghan farmers growing saffron—and decided that this lucrative crop could help them gain financial independence. Rumi Spice continues to sell some of the world’s best sustainably sourced saffron from the farmers they met. If you want to hear more from their team, check out our Meet the Maker podcast.

Honey Bee City - Starter Beekeeper Kit

With Honey Bee City, you can try to make some of the world’s best honey in your backyard thanks to a group of military vets. Each starter beekeeper kit is Made in the USA and stacks in modular components for easy assembly. Plus the design takes up little space—perfect for apartments or other urban spaces with small backyards. Be sure to check your local laws about hive regulations first, then start your own bee colony.

made by veterans

PACK Gear - Travel Organizer

Army member Jonathan Teplitsky made packing simple and mess-free with PACK Gear. His travel organizer weighs less than a t-shirt, fits in backpacks, luggage and gym bags, and hangs anywhere. Four closable compartments keep your stuff accessible and secure. And they’re mesh, so no more blindly rummaging for something you need on a hike across Europe or a getaway weekend.

Klecker Knives - Multi-Tool & Knife Kits

Father and Marine Veteran Glenn Klecker and son Nathan started Klecker Knives to create innovative knives and tools for all ages. The KLAX is a multi-tool without a handle; it can be a hammerhead, hex wrench and knife. With a handle (or the right size branch) it’s an ax. The Abiqua knife is low profile and handles tough jobs on the hunting trail or camping ground. And the Klecker children’s plastic knife kit teaches beginners the safety and assembly of a lock-back knife.

Speed Cinch - Quick Tie Stakes & Spinners

Veteran-owned and American-made, the secure stakes from Speed Cinch make tying down ropes, cords, and lines an easy task—without tying any knots. Feed the rope through the cinch, loop it around, and lock it into place. It’s simple to remove and reuse to hold lines for tents, canopies, or for landscaping jobs like tying back bushes.

Epic Wipes - Towel Sized Body Wipes

Serving in arid Afghanistan and dealing with spotty shower access, Dr. Aeneas Janze saw the need for a practical way to clean up. He met it with extra large wipes. The size of a regular towel, Epic Wipes are equipped to clean and freshen up after a run, trip to the beach or epic mess. They’re made from bamboo and essential oils like eucalyptus and chamomile, ingredients that smell great, clean you up well, and make the wipes biodegradable.

made by veterans

Walton Wood Farm - Solid Men's Cologne

Coastguard veteran and wilderness hiker Leslie Scott and her husband Peter are your typical farmers. They grow traditional crops while creating sustainable, all-natural bath and body products with a “farm forward” approach. The Walton Wood Farm solid colognes are light and fresh with a moisturizing texture and ingredients from Shea Butter to Vitamin E.

This Veteran’s Day, salute the sacrifice and celebrate the successes of our veteran Makers.


  • Marlena Says:

    AMAZING Just AMAZING love the product's the storie's behind them YAY Grommet ~
    Aye Mike the best 2 U and Your Family Happy Thanksgiving ~Sincerely Marlena ~

  • Mike Says:

    Thank you so much, Marlena. You as well.

  • penny bowling Says:

    I am a veteran and I am so pleased that veterans are doing so well after returning from duty overseas. makes me proud to be a veteran, thank you

  • LuAnne Says:

    Thank you so much for coming up with combat products for our active duty warriors.

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