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12 Made in the USA Pet Products

Looking for the best products for your four-legged friends? We've discovered (and thoroughly tested) 12 Made in the USA pet products so you don't have to. From things your pet needs everyday, to special treats and fun toys, there's something  here for every dog and cat.

Made in the USA pet products - Silidog

Silent Pet Tag

Having identification tags on your pet’s collar is always a good idea, but, boy, can they be noisy. These silicone pet tags are jingle-free, fade-free, and full of personality. Customize these silicone dog tags for your furry best friend.


Made in the USA pet products - Whisker+Box

Compression Cat Box

If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces. This Made in the USA, collapsible compression cat box is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.


Made in the USA pet products - West Paw Dog Beds

Handcrafted Dog Beds

These machine washable dog beds are the best bed for your dog—and the earth. They're easy to machine wash and dry and are Made in the USA of eco-friendly materials.


Made in the USA pet products - Stunt Puppy

Reflective Dog Accessories

These reflective dog accessories are made to keep up with your pup. These dog collars, leashes, and harnesses keep up with your pup’s stints and stunts. They’re essentially indestructible.


Made in the USA pet products - Polkadot Bakery

Cod Skin Sticks and Chicken Strips

These single ingredient, natural dog treats are handmade in Boston from locally sourced proteins. A pooch-pleasing balance of nutrients and crunchy, chewy goodness.


Made in the USA pet products - Kitty Lounger

Kitty Lounger

Cozy for your cat, attractive for your décor. This cat lounger is made from lightweight, sustainable birch plywood and U.S.-grown, machine-washable cotton.


Made in the USA pet products - Paw 5

Rock 'N Bowl Dog Feeder

Give your pup a playful challenge—and slow down mealtime with this dog food puzzle. To release the food from this Made in the USA bowl, your dog needs to nudge and rock it.


Made in the USA pet products - Feline Yogi

Catnip Yoga Mat

A cat yoga mat where feline friends can play, scratch, and relax. An attached catnip toy makes it even harder to resist. Let them dig their nails in and knead their little hearts out, without disrupting your flow—or your mat.


Made int he USA pet products - PoochieBells

Dog Training Bells

This dog doorbell is a strap that hangs on a doorknob. When your dog wants to get your attention, the bells are right by the door, ready to be nudged with a nose or shaken with a paw.


Made in the USA pet products - Polydactl

Catnip Cat Toy Sets

Hand crafted in the U.S. to look like real food items, these adorable Chinese food cat toys are stuffed with 100% organic catnip.


Made in the USA pet products - Rad Dog

On-The-Go Dog Accessories

Light, portable accessories for dog lovers. A collar with a retractable leash inside, and a collapsible water bowl that folds down to fit in your pocket. Rad Dog products are problem solvers for dog owners.


Made in the USA pet products - Ruff Dawg

Throw and Retrieve Toys

These American-made rubber toys are sensitive on jowls and feature treat storage so dogs can chow down after the chase. If you're looking for the best dog toys that are durable and fun, we've found 'em.


Discover more unique Made in the USA products. These made in America products create jobs and opportunities for local communities.


  • Bonnie Says:

    Do you know of any cat water fountains made in USA? The only one I found that came close was 'made' in NC but from parts made in China. I don't trust what China puts in pet products. Thanks.

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