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At The Grommet there is a real sense of adventure in discovering each day’s new product launch. Yesterday, you didn’t even know a product existed and today you can’t imagine living without it. A hanging cocoon chair? You can already picture yourself relaxing in it. A lightweight child carrier? You know it will be a hit at the next baby shower. And that DIY learning kit? You know exactly who is going to get that for the holidays.


 Make sure to use the Add to Wishlist button, each time you see something that captures your imagination to make it easy to return to these good ideas at a later date.


Hint, hint….

You can even share your wishlist with others if they need a little help in finding exactly the right gift for you. The Share Wishlist button will be at the bottom of your wishlist within your account.


So go ahead, wish away. What will be the first item you add to YOUR wishlist?


  • Linda Says:

    Sounds great! Now I won't forget that "perfect gift for..." idea!

  • Paul Says:

    I want a reading light for reading a book in bed. One that can be adjusted to avoid pillows and different head heights; is sufficiently bright that is either clamp-on (to head board) or floor lamp or table lamp.

  • Jo Says:

    I am wishing to see some pewter wish bones return for the holidays! 'Gotta' have them. I bought 5 and gave them all away. Now I would like at least one for myself...........but I would like to continue to give them as Christmas gifts.

  • Joseph martorano Says:

    My birthday is august 10th

  • Karen White Says:

    My birthday is March 19th! ;)

  • Tori Says:

    Happy early birthday Karen!

  • Janine Says:

    My Grommet finds have always been well received gifts. I guess, I'll try sending out my Wishlist to my family, since my birthday is less than 30 days away. Kind of sad that my "secret" will be out for where I find all my perfect gifts. ;)

  • Russelle Says:

    Good idea!

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