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Maker Faire New York Gallery

Joanne and I had a stimulating time in Queens last weekend, at the premiere World Maker Faire New York, installed at the NYSCI Hall of Science.  With over 25,000 people attending, and 500 Makers, it was a meaningful happening.

You'll see plenty of "weird" in my photos.  But I failed to capture the many, many ordinary-looking families, and a lot of the more tech-y and geeky aspects of the Faire.  They are simply not that photogenic...things like Arduino controllers and people in normal clothes can't compete with colorful crafts, crazy contraptions, and kooky looking characters.

(The photos of us outside the back of a truck are actually of  a secret "pop up" restaurant.  Noodle Bar.  Fun!)

I love this blog post by Anil Dash that does a wonderful job explaining the Maker Movement.  He eloquently makes the case for why this "revolution" is enormous and matters:

Today, Dale Dougherty and the dozens of others who have led Maker Faire, and the culture of "making", are in front of a movement of millions who are proactive about challenging the constrictions that law and corporations are trying to place on how they communicate, create and live.

I also loved what Joanne said, after having an exhilarating day connecting with the smart and creative Makers, several of which could be future Grommet partners:

There are parts of the Maker Faire that were weird, but all parts of it were wonderful.


  • Claire Says:

    Hi Jules (and Joanne)! I loved reading this post, because I really wanted go and I couldn't. It was great seeing it through your eyes and seeing all the amazing things that were on display.

  • julespieri Says:

    Claire, I would have enjoyed seeing the Faire through your eyes too.

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