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The (Make Make Make Make) Maker Movement Soundtrack [Shake it Off Parody]

Makers gonna make… and we made a music video. When the pop music world gives you a gem like “Shake It Off,” you’ve got to make a parody (right?). Well at least for us, it made these recent snow days a bit more bearable.

The Grommet team is all about good stories, good products, good videos, and (after hours) a good jam session, so why not throw it all together? Press play to catch our team and cast of Makers, making and shaking … 

to this. sick. beat.



Want to learn more about the Maker Movement? Check out our Maker Movement infographic.

A big thank you to these Makers for being good sports:

Nomiku - Lisa Q. Fetterman

American Bench Craft - Jason Angelini

Cognitea - Alexander Kravets, Aaron Gerry

Sunskis - Michael Charley, Tom Stewart, Kerry Dalton

Objects with Purpose - Ianthe Mauro

InRoad - Andy Musliner

I Lost My Dog - James McDonald

Yoga by Numbers - Elizabeth Morrow

Fish Aye Trading - John Doherty

Meet the Grommet Team: Meet Us

And, of course, THANK YOU to our own Matt DiStefano for bringing his in-house talents and Taylor Swift for her boundless creativity and stream of stick-with-you hits. Keep ‘em coming, Ms. Swift. Keep them coming.



  • Ianthe Says:

    That was a blast! Thank you!!! The Grommet is the new black ; )

  • Bob Green Says:

    Great job Matt and crew.

  • Terry Says:

    That was incredible! Awesome work!

  • Toni Says:

    I love it when a crazy email just makes me LAUGH.OUT.LOUD!!!
    Thanks all!

  • Maxine Says:

    Great fun to watch...you did good.

  • Maxine Says:

    Maxine Says:
    Great job. Such fun to watch.

  • karol Says:

    Fun, fun, fun!

  • Susan Says:

    Love it! Ya'll have a great time at work!

  • SimpleNaturalOrganic.com Says:

    Great video and production. Our customers our crazy about your products we carry!

  • Steve Says:

    Great Video, fun to see the team having fun. That must have been a real blast to make. Congratulations!! Good job

  • Claire Says:

    Hilarious....Can I work there please?

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