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Maker Update: Lalabu

In February 2014 we launched Lalabu Soothe Shirts on The Grommet. We recently caught up with Brian and Keri, husband and wife team and co-founders of Lalabu, to see how things have been going since launch. This social business has made some exciting business developments, and the impact has been widespread.

Lalabu now utilizes a giving model they call “2% for Moms”. In partnership with Kiva, Lalabu gives 2% of all of their sales to women entrepreneurs in Africa in the form of micro-loans. Thanks to Grommet supporters, they have been able to lend $5,350 to 194 mom entrepreneurs in 20 different countries in Africa.

The team at Lalabu has also been active making their own community of Atlanta a better place. They’ve spearheaded major business and development projects for multiple organizations, including one aimed at helping young women in difficult positions find jobs, an organization to help struggling families find necessary services, and a group helping women refugees by providing job training.

As for the original Lalabu, the woman in Djibasso who inspired the Soothe Shirt in the first place? She recently had twins, and was able to use a Soothe Shirt of her very own with them. She’s thrilled knowing that her hospitality and graciousness has inspired a company that helps moms and babies around the world.

We don’t always realize how far the impact of our purchase can go. So thank you, Grommet supporters, for choosing to Buy Differently. Your purchases can, and do, make a difference.

To learn more about Lalabu, watch our video here.


  • florence Says:

    I don't have any babies I'm 66 yrs young! But I am willing to buy some of their dresses! Especially the one on the far right. I wear a size 20
    You're doing a good job

  • William Watson Says:

    Can you tell me what countries in Africa the entrepreneurs are located? I have a friend who is serving in the Peace Corps in Botswana and wondered if that is one of the countries.

  • Marcia Proctor Says:

    Can we buy the soothe shirt?

  • Cari Says:

    Where can you buy these shirts????

  • Cari Says:

    Never mind, I just clicked on the video...

  • Jill Says:

    This is why I love The Grommet! Cool products and helping people!

  • ann fleming Says:

    very happy to hear about the women in Africa. i will defintely start buying their products. GOO LUCK LADIES!!! HUGSS FROM CANADA

  • Christine lockwood Says:

    Love the looks of your dresses,shirts what are there sizes and how do I order?

  • Valerie Says:

    Thank you for sharing and this is an incredible idea which will help many !

  • Linda Says:

    Like to see more

  • emma Says:

    i really love that blue and orange dress that the lovely lady is wearing on the left, my size would be an 16/18! do they sell those dresses?

  • Randi Says:

    Love the dresses - if they make shirts for women with such colorful patterns, I will buy some!

  • Lynn Says:

    Hello Ladies!! I, too, am 61 years young, no babies, but I would certainly LOVE to buy one of your dresses, The colors and prints are so vibrant! Much luck to your endeavors!

  • mark abani Says:

    This dress are very customize African Nigeria women dress. very comfortable and good for all time.

  • Kristin Says:

    Hi William Watson, to see the countries Lalabu loans to, check out their Kiva page here: http://www.kiva.org/lender/lalabu. Looks like they aren't yet loaning to anyone in Botswana.

  • Kristin Says:

    Marcia and Cari, you can purchase the Soothe Shirt here: https://www.thegrommet.com/lalabu-shirt

  • Bea Says:

    LOVE the DRESS!!!! how can I purchase one or two...love the colors and comfort!
    The blue one in the pic is my favorite...and I'd love the green start one too! Let em know where, n how to buy these...Thanks!

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