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Maker Update: Lifestraw.

Every time you make a purchase or share the story behind a product on The Grommet, your support helps our Makers grow.  We often hear about the exciting things that come after their launch day and we plan to share these stories with you as well. After all, it is your support making such a big impact on their businesses and lives. We recently heard from our friends at Lifestraw about life since Grommet launch —here's what's new. 


Since launching on The Grommet, sales took off and last October Lifestraw donated $300,000 worth of water purifiers to Kenyan schools. Thanks to you, 157,000 schoolchildren will have clean drinking water for the next five years. And Lifestraw is setting its sights on helping communities in Asia and Latin America.

When you purchase a Lifestraw, you become a real lifesaver. That’s the impact of Buying Differently.

To learn more about Lifestraw, watch our video here.


  • Jennifer Says:

    Now THAT is cool, and beyond the idea of supporting a new, up-and-coming invention, and small business entrepreneur who will someday make it in the big league; I love the idea of giving back in a way that makes a real impact. Love this and the story behind where the effect of purchase goes!

  • Karen Says:

    This is great! Can you buy a few and donate to kids in
    Kenya? If so, what's the process?
    Thank you for helping so many. Just this photo
    warms my heart.
    Karen Johnson

  • Em Kbrew Says:

    Because of your efforts, we will buy at least two and spread the word. Thank you!

  • Rickie Toole Says:

    Can you put this on Pinterest? They would love this. You can have a free biz account. I don't know how to do much in internet or I would pin this myself. I am on Pinterest and we love helpful people and helping animals. Hope to see the Life straw and others soon. Etsy is cool also to highlight your company. Keep up the great work Grommet.

  • kathleen Says:

    Happy to have contributed towards a very worthwhile
    product! It's really putting your money where your mouth

  • Bcova Says:

    This is so amazing, such a great product that helps our world and the people in it!

  • Suzanne Says:

    What percentage of the donations that you receive actually goes toward the purchase of lifestraws. What percentage do you pay your employees?

  • Jim Lakanal Says:

    LifeStraw . Great invention . Saving lives . A product that does that is priceless . Proud to be a small part . Thank you . Grommet & LifeStraw.

  • Capt Jerry Robbins,usmm(ret) Says:

    I believe this one product does more for the cost than 90% of that other type of donations to the third world

  • Morton Says:

    Love the Grommet and what your are doing for the drinking straws. I am a graduate student at Pitt studying Infectious Diseases and work a great deal on Malaria and would like to speak to Kristen about some ideas I have.

  • Pamela Says:

    How wonderful!

  • Pamela Says:

    The Lifestraw has helped less fortunate in other Countries. Thank You Lifestraw for helping so many people. It's also great when you're camping and don't what the water's are like. Thank You for you're invention. It will help people World Wide.

  • Roy Miranda Says:

    Dear Kristin,
    I am in Kenya and having read the article thank the inventors for this brilliant innovative product, it has and will save thousands of lives from diseases
    On to business, please advise if the suppliers have distributor pricing for whole sale purchase and quantity costs, once we have this information we can proceed further.



  • Eileen Says:

    Wondering if you would donate to a central American country?
    Medical group of students going soon to help work with folks in far-from-city villages who have no medical assistance readily available. If possible, could you contact me at [email protected] for more discussion? Please and thank you. GREAT product!

  • LFlora Says:

    This is just one of the MANY reasons I LOVE THE GROMMET. Keep up the good work kids!

  • Sue Says:

    What aGREAT invention, I have bought 2 of them for our BOBs thanks so much for helping these kids!!

  • Linda Says:

    Awesome invention. I wonder how many children in the US could use this too....many place have unclean water.

  • Kristin Says:

    @Karen, you sure can! With each Lifestraw you purchase, a year of clean drinking water will be provided to a child in Kenya. You can purchase them here: https://www.thegrommet.com/lifestraw-personal-water-filter

  • Kristin Says:

    @Suzanne, while I'm not sure how much Lifestraw pays their employees, I do know that each time you purchase a Lifestraw, a year's worth of drinking water is donated to a child in a developing country. It's pretty clear that this is a company making the right decisions with their money just by looking at the incredible growth and impact they've had in Kenya since launching.

  • Kristin Says:

    @Eileen, you can't select which countries the proceeds of your purchase go to, but Lifestraw has a very impressive expansion plan that includes countries in Latin America over the next year. You can rest assured knowing your purchase will help someone that is truly in need.

  • Kristin Says:

    Hi @Roy! Lifestraw is not available on our Wholesale Platform just yet. However you can always apply to sign up for our Wholesale newsletter in case it is available later down the line: https://wholesale.thegrommet.com/landing.

  • Kristin Says:

    @Rickie Toole, you can click the "Pin it" button in the upper right hand corner of this post to put it on Pinterest. You can also follow us at www.pinterest.com/thegrommet. Thanks for your support!

  • Ruth Says:

    Can I purchase them bor my family's survival kit?

  • Toni Says:

    My organization helps orphaned children and young adults, as well as the elderly in West Africa and Haiti. The children love the Lifestraw. They have really made a huge impact. So we purchased more for the elderly. I hope you are able to do the same in Haiti for the children there. Thanks for such a life saving contribution.

  • Kristin Says:

    @Ruth, absolutely, the Lifestraw is a great addition to a survival kit. You can purchase them here: www.thegrommet.com/lifestraw-personal-water-filter

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