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Mason jar sippy cup? Enter to WIN Cuppow

It's safe to say that last week's feature of Cuppow (to-go lids for mason jars) was a huge hit. In addition to the steady flow of orders, they took off on Pinterest and we've noticed all of your comments and excitement around these little problem solvers. If you missed Cuppow the first time around, be sure to check out or video (here) to see them in action and learn about how after a few too many spills in the car, Joshua Resnikoff starting thinking there must be a way to make a Mason jar more travel friendly. He teamed with his friend Aaron Panone, a mechanical engineer, and together they created Cuppow, a BPA-free plastic lid that turns an ordinary Mason jar into a travel mug. Now you can fill up yor mason jar and take your favorite beverage to-go.

mason jar sippy cup

above: pink lemonade & sweet tea below: iced coffee & hot coffee

mason jar sippy cup

Since Cuppow seems to be such a hit, we thought it'd be fun to give some away! Enter to win your own Cuppow lid. Simply leave a comment here letting us know what you would fill up your mason jar with and we will choose three winners at random. Good luck! General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age. You must leave a comment on this post.  No purchase necessary. Winners will be randomly selected and notified by email.  Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of Daily Grommet, Inc. are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited. Contest will end May 9, 2012 at 9 am PST.


  • Kristin Says:

    Sweey Tea!!!

  • Lisa Riley Says:

    Mio water!!

  • Kami Says:

    Too funny!

  • Michelle Says:

    Water with Lime

  • Linda Siess Says:

    I'd fill my Mason jar with spa-sort-of drink: water and cut-up fruits or maybe cucumbers - and fresh mint when the garden wakes up! Thanks!

  • Nancy Says:

    Thats easy. French Pressed iced coffee!

  • Andrea Herskowitz Says:

    green smoothie!

  • Kristen Says:

    A Mint Julep for the Derby on Saturday!! Or just lemon water for daily H20 intake :)

  • Brenda C Says:

    I have Mason Jar glass with handle and I use them all the time. I love to fill them up with lots of ice and lemonade or iced coffee.

  • Danielle gagnon Says:

    Something fruity and sparkling to enjoy at the beach!!

  • Susan Says:

    Glad I saw this! Cool idea, must get 2!!

  • Sherri Says:

    Homemade iced green tea with lots of ice!

  • Janene Glasman Says:

    I'd love one! At the moment, I'm thinking it should be filled with sanctuary.

  • Milt Johnson Says:

    Sweet Texas Tea......

  • David Says:

    White lightnin', they are Mason Jars, after all...


    I love these jars

  • Mark Says:

    I would fill it up with my coffee and my newly discovered raw honey (instead of sugar)! Easily taken in the car and talk about smart design using something like a mason jar that's been around forever to adapt it with something new!

  • Stacie Says:

    A margarita on the rocks for Cinco de Mayo!!

  • Shauna Says:

    My Dad always drinks from Mason jars and he'd love to fill it with some pink lemonade!

  • Stacie E Says:

    Lots of water, Mio flavored water, tea, sweet tea, lemonade, "Happy Hour" drinks....the possibilities are endless.

  • Betsy Says:


  • Barby Says:

    strawberry lemonade!

  • Natalie Says:

    Sweet Tea!!! This is the best idea ever!

  • Karen Says:

    Fizzy water with cucumber!

  • Karla Lara Says:

    I would use mine to drink some green tea lemonade all summer long! ;)

  • Jessica Says:

    Iced coffee...so much iced coffee...

  • Sara Says:

    I would fill it with homemade iced jasmine tea :)

  • Leigh Lloyd Says:

    a nice cool drink for my farmer husband to take with him each morning as he heads into the field

  • Sharon Baker Says:

    Lemonade! Great for the Summer!

  • casey Says:

    I'd fill my mason jar with fresh iced tea and lemonade!

  • Cara Heard Says:

    I'd put cocktails in for parties. Fun!

  • Patty Says:

    Beergaritas - beer/margaritas - for Cinco de Mayo and more

  • Big T Says:

    would love an Ice Tea

  • Mindy Says:

    I would use it for fruit juice. You can get water and soda everywhere, but juice not as often

  • Jennifer I Says:

    Iced coffee is a definite!

  • Brenda Tomlin Says:

    as I use the jelly mason to make syrup for pancakes, I'd use the sippy cap to serve the syrup and store it that way.

  • Lori Says:

    The contents will vary by occasion, but since I know Mason jars can take the heat, I'll say an extra large serving of coffee - enough for a road trip! Loved this idea last week!

  • Irina Says:

    Ice milk tea with bubbles

  • Janet Springer Says:

    Water with crushed mint from my garden and lime.

  • Bethany Says:

    These would be great for my cocktails while floating in the pool this summer!

  • Carla Says:

    Fruit and veg. Smoothie

  • Janett Wagner Says:

    That would match my mason jar glasses! I'd fill it with juice so that my grandson could look like his "mee-mah"!! = D

  • Jacki Says:

    What 'grown up' kid couldn't use a sippy cup every now and then????

  • Angie Says:

    definitely some iced coffee with cream!

  • Amy Says:

    These would be wonderful for my husband who just had bariatric weight loss surgery. They have to drink from sippy cups to slow how quickly they drink. These are much cooler looking than a kid's sippy cup :-) My hubby would probably drink his protein drinks from these.

  • Annie Says:

    I like to have a lemonade (with vodka, depending on the day....) while pulling weeds in the garden. A mason jar would be perfect, because its wide base would be more stable on mulch, rocks, grass, etc.!

  • Mary Says:

    Freshly juiced apple juice!!

  • Jessica Says:

    Mmmm, I would fill my jar with sweet tea, sit on the patio with my hubby and cat, and let my cares melt away :)

  • Jessica Kirkland Says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!
    I found these via YOU and just posted about them this week!
    It's SUCH a great find.

    My answer will probably be boring but it's the truth...
    Water, lemon and a splash of either stevia or fresh mint.
    That's all I ever drink.

    Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Melissa Says:

    I would put sweet tea for sure and if out on the boat maybe a mixed drink for me n my girls

  • Bren Says:

    Apple Pie Moonshine :o)

  • Vikki L. Says:

    Anything that is non-alcoholic! I love these ideas!

  • Craig Says:

    Ice Coffee

  • Marianne Says:

    I have to get several since my family loves to drink from mason jars!

    One I would use for my maple syrup!

  • Rhian Says:

    Definitely iced coffee!

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