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MAX'IS Creations



MAX'IS Creations: Weston, MA

What is it?

A mug with an attached basketball hoop. Make eating fun!

Read more about this product straight from the founder below!

Product Description

Mugs that let you play with your food!™  My first product is a hot chocolate mug with a basketball hoop that you shoot mini marshmallows in.  What’s great about my mug is that you can use it for things besides hot chocolate and marshmallows.  If you are having cereal for breakfast you can throw cheerios (or cocoa puffs etc.) through the hoop into the milk.  If you are having soup for lunch, you can throw oyster crackers.  My mugs can be used by kids of all ages (which includes adults).  Colleges, schools, and companies can put their logo on my mugs.  Eventually, I would like to create mugs for other sports (baseball, football, soccer, hockey) and even a clown face where you shoot the marshmallows into the mouth.  My vision is that the world will be a better place if you can play with your food!

Twitter Handle : @MAXISCreations

Team Bio:

Max J. Ash, Chief Creator and Team Leader.  I am eight years old and I am in 2nd Grade.  Before I became an inventor and launched MAX'IS Creations, I did yard work, snow shoveling and even an occasional lemonade stand.  I love hot chocolate and sports and that's how I came up with the idea for my mug.

Samuel L. Ash, Vice President.  Sam is my 11 year old brother and my biggest fan.  Sam is in 5th Grade.  Sam is a big sports fan and he is helping me come up with the different kinds of mugs I can make.  He's also head of product testing (marshmallow throwing).

Jennifer B. Ash, Ph.D., Chief Creator's Creator (My mom).  When she's not being mom to me and Sam and helping with my invention, Jennifer is an organizational consulting psychologist and the Founder and Managing Principal of Psipher Consulting LLC.  She is a sought after trusted advisor to chief executives and senior leaders in selecting, developing, and differentiating best-in-class leadership.


Ronald A. Ash, Chief Creator's Other Creator (My dad).  When he's not being dad to me and Sam and helping with my invention, Ron is the Senior Administrative Director for Neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Rob Mosher is my friend Bobby's dad.  When he's not helping me with my invention, he is Vice President of Product Management at MagneMotion where he is responsible for managing overall product strategy, product lifecycle process, and product roadmap.  Rob has over 23 years of experience developing and marketing new products in a variety of industries including the semiconductor, consumer products and energy industries.



  • Christa Says:

    The basket looks pretty small. Have you tested it on different ages to see if younger kids are successful? That would be a great thing to add to your video, clips of showing different aged people shooting and making a basket. I, as a consumer, would hate to go to the trouble to buy something like this, get it and watch my little kid get frustrated and disappointed if he can't make a basket. Great idea, by the way. It would make a great game at the table and bring families together, something we need these days.

  • Lise Bankir Says:

    Hi Max, this mug looks great! If you market it, I will buy two for my grand daughters! Let me know.
    Best regards to your mum (who may remember me) and your whole family.


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