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Meet the Maker: Adil Vezir of DIYshelf

Here at The Grommet our mission is to put an end to nameless, faceless business and highlight the people and the stories behind the products we launch each day. And it's in that spirit that we're continuing this series to further share the stories of our Makers with you. Get to know them better, learn more about their journeys as Makers and entrepreneurs and learn how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

In this installment, we're catching up with Maker Adil Vezir. Adil is the founder of DIYshelf and his Shelfbots launched here on The Grommet this past September. Adil makes Shelfbots in Pennsylvania out of pine sourced from sustainably managed forests. This modular shelving system makes for an imaginative, customizable way to display plants, photos, books . . . anything you like. We've asked Adil to share a little more about life-as-a-Maker and to let us know how business has changed in the recent months. 


What did you want to be when you grew up?
As far back as I remember I always wanted to be an Artist.

How do you get around creative blocks?
I rarely experience creative blocks but when I do I try to refocus on my objectives and create some space between me and the problem at hand.


What is your most essential Maker tool?
My most essential tool would have to be my tape measure. I am constantly checking and rechecking my work to get it just right.


What has been the most surprising aspect about starting a business?
How time consuming it really is.

What three personality traits do think have helped you become a successful entrepreneur?
I believe in these three traits: Persistence, Perfectionism and Professionalism.


What lessons have you learned over the years that might help other entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
I would advise anyone who is just starting out to do your research first, find great allies along the way and don't be afraid to take a chance sometimes.

How has business changed since we shared your story with The Grommet community?
A big thank you to the Grommet Community for supporting us as we launched. It has made a huge difference to have the backing of such a large, experienced and maker friendly company. We appreciate all you do to help small companies like DIY Shelf get some traction and exposure.


To learn more about DIYshelf, watch our video here.


  • Mary Says:

    Great to see someone following their dream, he is an artist in every way. Our DIYshelf girlbot is a truly special & unique addition to my daughters bedroom, she loves it. I'd highly recommend this product. Wishing Adil and DIYshelf a very prosperous 2016.

  • Jerry Says:

    Just about everyone wants to have something that nearly no one else has. So going with a thought and making it will thrill someone. Love the ability to not just do the same thing over and over to make a dollar. Love your work!

  • Sam Says:

    You remind me of me when I was younger. I was an illustrator who began a consulting business in the early 70's. Stay the course and your dreams will continue to be fulfilled. Creating allies is something you learned early. Keep them close and never to afraid to ask someone who's "done it before" for advice.

  • Cheryl Says:

    these look great! what a wonderfully creative brain explosion!

  • Daniel E. Says:

    Neat ! Very Neat Idea ! I will be making some purchases soon, as this is Awesome ! and very Creative Work ! Great Job Adil ! And Just Keep It Going ! Dan Wright Later Gator !

  • James wood Says:

    this is great Looks like a picasso or Miro

  • Deb Says:

    I would LOVE one of these! I have a blank wall that is huge and this would fill that space beautifully and be very useful at the same time!!! Are you going to sell plans to make these?

  • Karol Says:

    Love this. But what are the dementions?

  • Deborah Says:

    so cute

  • Renee Says:

    Can you build a life coffin for me that would function as a wine rack and shelves with the pine cover on the back
    Can't find the man who built them in Massachusetts anymore.

    You have that special talent!

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