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Meet the Maker: Hope Klocker and Jules Vranian of Sweet Jules Caramels

In our Meet the Maker series, you hear from our Makers on their journeys as entrepreneurs and how you, The Grommet Community, have changed their businesses for the better.

Today, we're catching up with Hope Klocker of Sweet Jules CaramelsHope and her sister, Jules Vranian  were born into a family of culinary pros and restaurateurs, and have built one sweet business using only natural ingredients, sourced from around the world. We wanted to know more about Hope's journey as an business owner and what advice she has for those just starting out on their own entrepreneurial journey. 

Meet the Maker of Sweet Jules Caramels

Ho do you get around creative roadblocks?
Caramel as a base is receptive to an endless number of flavors so we really don’t have blocks with creativity. Our problem is more what “not” to make! We make caramels in a dozen flavors now.

Best creative advice that you ever received?
You need to know what your ingredients have to offer in flavor, texture, and smell. Apply creativity and expert technique when those qualities speak to you.

What three personality traits do think have helped you become a successful entrepreneur?
Persistence, persistence, persistence! Also, close attention to the details that make your products stand out, and personalized customer service.

Meet the Maker behind Sweet Jules Caramels

What lessons have you learned over the years that might help other entrepreneurs who are just starting out?
Doing it the hard way may not be attractive or fun, but you get to know what can go wrong and what can be changed to make the process easier. One needs to do plenty of research and not compromise on the quality of your ingredients. We strive to make sweets that sing on the palate. Our customer’s most common response after one bite is WOW!

Meet the Maker Quote from Jules Klocker

What has surprised you most about starting a business?
The intense emotion attached to candy. We’ve found that caramel candy is so beloved because it evokes childhood memories for many people, including us. As children, every Christmas our Aunt Rosie would send us a box of her homemade caramels and we always looked forward to it. We’d devour every last one with great delight. Talking to older people especially, we’ve heard stories of caramel making during the holidays, especially when chocolate was dear. It makes sense too here in Minnesota because we have the finest cream and butter to be found. And, we believe, with those ingredients the very best candy one can create is lusciously, rich caramel.

Sweet Jules

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. Be more confident. Take the next step and share your story by networking.

How has The Grommet community helped your business? What has the feedback been?
The national exposure has been incredible. Sweet Jules Caramels are shipped all over the country–every day. Customers are consistently delighted and supportive.

To learn more about Sweet Jules Caramels, watch our video here.


  • Carole Potereiko Says:

    Tell me more about the candies products used in them. Prices, how long were they stored, & what preservatives are in them or chemicals.

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