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Meet the Maker Podcast: Anthony Gold of ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good co-founder, Anthony Gold, has a unique vision for the success of his company. "Our goal is to put ROAR out of business. In that, there’s no longer a need for a company like ROAR or a product like Athena."

ROAR for Good's product, Athena, is a personal alarm for women—or anyone who wants some extra piece of mind—can alert friends and loved ones of your location.

On this episode of the Meet the Maker podcast, we talk to Anthony about the inspiration for the company, their educational programs to teach youth about healthy, respectful relationships and treatment of others, how we can all be more mindful in building a more respectful culture, and the future of ROAR.

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  • barbara Says:

    how much is it? where can I buy? I live in Houston, TX

  • Debbie Says:

    What is the cost?

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Barbara and Debbie,

    ROAR for Good is $129 and you can purchase with any of the links embedded in the post above.

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