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Meet the Maker Podcast: Jules & Joanne of The Grommet

jules joanneThis week is the National Week of Making, a celebration of innovation, creation, and the entrepreneurial spirit. It is also the two-year anniversary of the inaugural National Maker Faire at the White House where The Grommet co-founders, Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, unveiled The Grommet Wholesale.

On this special episode, Jules and Joanne discuss what prompted the start of The Grommet, the struggles and triumphs of building the business, the power of an engaged community, their experience at the National Maker Faire, and the future of the Maker Movement.



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  • Lee Says:

    One great business, two awesome ladies, and a team with tremendous talent! Enjoyed listening in. Lee with Tadpole. Have a big week!

  • Mike Says:

    Thanks so much, Lee!

  • Leslie Scott Says:

    Love this podcast. Great background and insight. Wish it were video!

  • Brenda Stansfield Says:

    Great podcast! Thanks for sharing it - The Grommet is so innovative and continues to propel small business and makers forward in such competitive times. We appreciate all you do for 'Citizen Commerce'!

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