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Meet the Maker Podcast: Maya & Greg Liberman of Shape + Store

CatalogV1_Shape+StoreMaya Liberman always wanted to run her own business. One day while making cookies with her kids, she thought it would be great to have a container to hold cookie dough and avoid the mess that occurred every time she made them. The idea took hold of her. She enlisted the help of her husband Greg and his experience in sales and marketing to flesh out a business and, more importantly, further products, like the Burger Master.

Hear how Maya and Greg built the business of Shape + Store, find new uses for the product every day, continue to overcome challenges in finding retail placement, and persevere through doubt to create a tool that can help any kitchen, including their own.



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  • S.A. Says:

    Do the cookies spread after baking so that they are not shaped like hexagons?

  • Ann Marie Says:

    Neat idea. What is the capacity of each section of the burger maker (i.e., approximately how many ounces per burger) and the cookie maker? Thanks

  • Carole Says:

    Really cool idea and extremely helpful!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Can you bake in cookie shaper? How hard does your dough have to be to use?

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Shape + Store is to do just that, shape and store the cookie dough or burgers. It shouldn't be used for baking.

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Ann Marie, it makes about 2 lbs. of meat or cookie dough.

  • Mike Says:

    Yes, they do!

  • Brytha Says:

    Can we buy online.Would love to buy a shaper for meat

  • Mike Says:

    You can, Brytha. Just follow the link in the post to go to the Shape + Store page.

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