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Meet the Maker Podcast: Tania Boler of Elvie

Ever wonder how you exercise a muscle that’s vital to your health but impossible to see? On this episode of the Meet the Maker Podcast, Tania Boler, inventor of Elvie, is going to enlighten us all on how to get kegels of steel and why they're important.

If you’re on a quest for a stronger core, better sex, postpartum healing, or bladder control, listen as Tania and I dive into the benefits of Elvie, the world's most personal physical trainer.

Tania is also giving one lucky listener a free Elvie! See below for details.


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*UPDATE: Our randomly selected winner is Tracy. 

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  • Jim Says:

    My wife would love one

  • Alexis Brinkman Says:

    Hi Jim! Sounds like she and I would get along!

  • Wendy Says:

    Would love to try one!

  • Michelle Says:

    This was a great podcast! As a fitness instructor, I spend a lot of time teaching people about how to squeeze and lift their pelvic floor and talking about the benefits of it but still recognize, even for me it can be hard to find that isolation of muscles so would be interested in checking this out to see how it can help me personally as well as how I could help clients as well!

  • Alexis Brinkman Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much!

    I haven't been using Elvie for very long and it is already helping me feel the difference between an engaged pelvic floor and one that's not. I highly recommend it!

  • Erin Says:

    Very interested!!

  • Ashley Says:

    Hi Alexis! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and chat with Tania about this new product, and the amazing benefits it has for women! I work in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and pelvic floor health isn't something that's talked about all the time even here! It encourages me to put a bigger influence on it when talking with patients, and I'm hoping to be able to afford to buy an Elvie soon!

  • hollie Says:

    I'd love to try another one. My first one didn't work properly and fortunately Elvis gave me a full refund but I'm not confident now to shell out even more money (the price has increased) to see if a second one will work properly. I'd happily give another a go though

  • Stacy Says:

    Thank you for championing women's concerns.

  • Nicole Says:

    I’m a doctor and have female patients. I already do vaginal rejuvenation. I’m So excited to try Elvie and share with all my patients! This looks like a winner!

  • Kelly Says:

    When you are young you hear about the importance of pelvic floor exercises and kegels but its not until you get order and start having issues that you realize they were right. I have no idea how its supposed to feel. Need to try this.

  • Patti Says:

    These are issues I have been struggling with for years! It’s amazing how having children have changed my body. It sounds like this is the perfect tool to help me. I’d love to give it a try!

  • Ronni Says:

    What a great concept!

  • Crystal MacRitchie Says:

    This might be the "one" that works!

  • Samantha Says:

    This product should be covered by insurance.

  • JoAnn Says:

    I would love to try one however the cost is a little bit high for me.

  • Karen Torbeck Says:

    I had several surgeries for reconstruction on my bladder & colon. This has kept me from gaining muscle control. I am VERY interested!

  • Marilyn Says:

    I would love to try it, sounds like it wouls help. Unfortunately It doesn't fit into my budget right now. Hopefully to buy one after Christmas

  • Idona Cannaday Says:

    You learn something every day. Thank you for this informative pod cast. I have shared it with several friends. Again Thank you.

  • kelley Says:

    great podcast!

  • Robin Says:

    Hi Alexis!
    I’ve been working on my legend for a while now, actually even went to special physical therapy to learn how to do this well. Having a device that tells me I’ve got it right would be awesome! The benefits to our bodies are far-reaching! ?
    Thank you,

  • Judy Says:

    As a 56 year old woman who suffers from stress incontinence and somewhat neurotic bladder I would love to give this a try.

  • Kristen Says:

    Could really use the help :

  • constance Says:

    At last.
    The light at the end of the tunnel.
    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  • Lisa Says:

    Sounds good , but will it work? I'd be will to try.

  • Angela Says:

    I'm glad to know there is a product out there to help with Kegal exercises. I could never do them properly. I would love to give this a try.

  • Rose Says:

    What a difference this could make! I need the strengthening because I don’t want to go through surgery or have to take a prescription.

  • Sue Says:

    I would know if I was doing kegels correctly.

  • Tina Brenza Says:

    After having 2 children, I have a weak pelvic floor. Exercising and yoga have helped. My physician had suggested surgery, but I would like to avoid that if possible. I believe I should give the Elvie a try.

  • Beth Says:

    This sounds like a great product. My book group was just talking about this problem and this would be a great solution.

  • Margaret Wellert Says:

    I just started PT work with a wonderful woman teaching totally about the pelvic area and learning exercises to develop Kegels and improve pelvic floor health. Thank you for working in this for the world!

  • Anne Says:

    It sounds like the great mystery of proper pelvic control would be solved with this device. Congratulations!

  • Glenda Schaefer Says:

    I would really to try one. I have both stress and leakage inconvenience. Mabe would help me.

  • Charlon Says:

    Thank you

  • Glenda S Says:

    I have both types of incontinence, this might help me.

  • Carol Says:

    I suffer from stress incontinence. Not very good at doing kegels on a regular basis. This product sounds wonderful and something I'd use.

  • Carol Says:

    How will this work for older women? I'm almost 76 and don't want to leak any more. I would also get one for my sister who struggles more than I do. Neither of us has had children.

  • Lurline Says:

    I would love to try this...please and thank you.

  • Dawn Scire Says:

    Gosh, if this truly works... wow, what a diff it would make for me!?

  • Barbara Says:

    It would be great to jettison the pads I have to wear full time!

  • Kathy Says:

    This is definitely something I'd love to try because it's an issue for me and tied to back pain and incontinence. Strengthening the core is tied to this too but I didn't realize that the kegel muscle was also related.

  • Michele Says:

    I'm curious and would love to give it a try.

  • rebecca Says:

    i always feel like i’m doing these exercises wrong. would LOVE a tool like this to ensure i’m flexing all the right stuff!

  • Nancy Says:

    I cant wait to have this life saver..

  • Tracy Says:

    If this really does as advertised this would be a life-changer for me!!


    Just woke up, running for the bathroom didn’t make it. Then laid back down discusted with myself and read this on my email. Guess it would be fate to receive this.

  • Brenda Scott Says:

    I have had bladder issues all my adult life. Have had several procedures or surgeries and of course did thousands of exercise. Now in my mid 70's no one, no doctor, no one can help me. I was recently told is was a nerve problem and surgery would not help. Is this thing for real. I am on a very fixed income and spending thus kind of money to a tough decision. It3 sounds like it is for younger women. I'm just tired of being wet and managing my leaking.

  • Elizabeth Says:

    Would love to give this a try

  • Linda Says:

    As I have gotten older, I have noticed that mine is a lot weaker and really would love to try this!!

  • Gloria Says:

    It is a bit pricey for me but it looks like a great product!

  • Gabrielle Says:

    What a great pod cast. And timely!!! Can’t wait to try one.

  • Tara Says:

    This sounds like what I need. No worries when I laugh AND a better sex life? That's a win win for me! Sign me up

  • cathy dunphy Says:

    This sounds wonderful, I would love to try it.sounds better then taking pills. It nice to hear this from someone who really understands what women go through,

    Thank You,


  • Connie Says:

    I'm a very active 72 year old woman who would benefit greatly from this product.

  • Kathy Says:

    I was told years ago that I should do Kegel exercises daily to help my core muscles after I had my first laminectomy (L5). Seven years ago I had my second laminectomy (L4). I believe I'm probably not doing them correctly, because you can't tell either way. I am now experiencing lower back pain again and think this could help, but sadly, it's not in my budget.

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