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Meet the Maker Podcast: Tania Boler of Elvie

Ever wonder how you exercise a muscle that’s vital to your health but impossible to see? On this episode of the Meet the Maker Podcast, Tania Boler, inventor of Elvie, is going to enlighten us all on how to get kegels of steel and why they're important.

If you’re on a quest for a stronger core, better sex, postpartum healing, or bladder control, listen as Tania and I dive into the benefits of Elvie, the world's most personal physical trainer.

Tania is also giving one lucky listener a free Elvie! See below for details.


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  • Kelly Says:

    Need one to track progress against Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Please, Please, Please

  • Alexis Brinkman Says:

    Hi Marlene, I don't know but I'm eager to hear more about what specific exercise regimes work best for people who've had a prolapse, this is definitely a conversation worth having with your doctor/gynecologist.

  • Marguerite Scandiffio Says:

    Finally and thank you!!

  • Debra Says:

    Thank you for this greatly informative interview. I’m now 63 years old, but when I was much younger I was lucky to have an OB/GYN who told me how important it was to keagel regularly. He suggested that even while driving I should do a few at every stoplight and/or stop signs. I had 2 c-sections, but obviously the good dr. was concerned about my future health! Years later, I kind of put that exercise on the back burner. Thank you for bringing it, and it’s importance, to my attention once again! I am curious about this new device, and will read more about it.

  • Eileen Says:

    This sounds like a great product that'd help so many women! Thanks for working on it & bringing it to market!!

  • Susan Says:

    After 4 children and just having my 56th birthday, I really need to try this!

  • Grace Says:

    A good tool for womens' health!

  • Susan Says:

    Thank you for this product!

  • Filomena Says:

    Elvie really works ! There is a great difference in only 2 weeks I have been very faithful with exercising with Elvie every night my boyfriend has noticed a change in only one month is helping immensely however I am wearing her out would love to have a second one as a back up as I had a hard time affording the first week I will talk to anyone would like to know how she works and how well it does work I swear by this

  • Anita Manninen Says:

    Would love to have one of these devices to help with bladder issues. The older you get the more you need better muscle control.

  • Trudy Says:

    I am active 62 year old woman, anxiously awaiting my daughters first child, she being 35yrs. I have suffered from mild bladder incontinence my adult life, first memory being in High School PE. This item gives me hope. I am going to buy us each one, a very personal gift, but what better way to teach my daughter the importance of being in touch with her body at a time that is critical with her first child.

  • Alexis Brinkman Says:

    Thank you for sharing Trudy, and for reminding us that something as functional and practical as Elvie can also hold so much compassion and meaning for women. Cheers to your family's future, featuring a beautiful baby and well-behaved bladders!

  • Jackie Says:

    Nice podcast. I believe this product would benefit me.

  • Karin Says:

    OMG thank you for talking about this. I am disabled and have been told I must do my kegals but really don't know quite how. I would live to try Elvis. I cannot feel if I do the exercises correctly so having feedback on a screen would really make a difference. Thnx.

  • Cynthia Says:

    Hi, I would benefit greatly from doing the pelvic tighten exercise please include me in the drawing for a free Elvie. THANK YOU

  • Sharon Says:

    This podcast gave me more hope for finding a way to improve my pelvic floor health than any of my health care providers. They are all excellent in their fields; but perhaps unsure about how to breach the subject. Thank You!

  • Carrie Says:

    Sounds like an amazing product. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Teresa Says:

    Very interesting. I'd like to try one out!

  • Rachel Havins Says:

    So cool, so simple, so interested!! ♥️

  • Joan Says:

    I have a prolapsed bladder from multiple pregnancies and need to strengthen my pelvic floor. This may be just the right tool to help me improve my situation versus declining as I age.

  • Kelly Says:

    I'm 43 now, but have needed this since the delivery of baby #2 at age 35. I'm sure there are more women my age in a similar situation!

  • Julie's Hubby Says:

    My wife did her doctor recommended kegel exercises for quite a while (actually, she still does) after our second child, without any add-on devices. There were none back then. She now, at 59 still has the vaginal muscular strength that she did at 24.

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