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Meet the Maker Podcast: Will Carswell of Zen Art Puzzles

commenter_zenWhen you think of puzzles, you think of 1,000 pieces, finding the corners, and taking hours to complete it. Zen Art Puzzles buck the traditional stereotypes. Each puzzle is laser cut from premium birchwood here in America. They're just a few hundred pieces and you can try to find the corner pieces, but there may be six of them. With piece designs ranging from traditional jigsaw to moose silhouette, Zen Art puzzles give you an imaginative way to relax.

Will Carswell, one of 23 puzzle makers in the U.S. talks about the intricacies of each puzzle and the care he and his company put into each piece of his business from manufacturing in America to using eco-friendly materials for each product.


To learn more about Zen Art Puzzles and to purchase, click here.

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  • Jeremy Burns Says:

    How much do the puzzles cost and can one send their own picture to go on the puzzle?

    What font is this?

    Love creativity !

  • Cori Pofahl Says:

    We love to do puzzles

  • carol Richards Says:

    where can i buy these puzzles?

  • EM Swanz Says:

    These are pretty much like Stave puzzles made in Vermont.
    What is so different.

  • Nan Fitzgerald Says:

    Good morning! Your puzzles look great! Do you do any "personalized" work where a buyer submits a photo and then you make it into a puzzle? That would be so cool! Please let me know more about your work as my father-in-Law is a huge puzzle fan! Thank you! Blessings, Nan Fitzgerald

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Nan, Thanks so much! We don't offer that at the moment, but you can reach out to Zen Art on their website. They may be able to facilitate that.

  • Mike Says:

    Hi EM, they're both made from hand cut wood. As with most puzzle makers, the difference comes down to the designs used. It also appears that Zen Art uses more traditional piece shapes in addition to their whimsies.

  • Tori Says:

    Carol, You can buy them right here at The Grommet. This is the link: https://www.thegrommet.com/zen-art-design-wooden-jigsaw-puzzle (Or just click the link above in the article).

  • Mike Says:

    Hi Jeremy, you can buy them right here: https://www.thegrommet.com/zen-art-design-wooden-jigsaw-puzzle.

    You can't send your own picture here, but you can reach out to the folks at Zen Art.

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