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Meet the Maker Podcast: Wombi Rose and John Wise of LovePop


Friends since their time at Webb Institute studying naval architecture, Wombi Rose and John Wise discovered the art form of handcrafted, paper cards on a business school trip to Vietnam. The two engineers were blown away by the exquisite designs and upon returning to Boston, started creating their own cards. When family and friends clamored for them, they realized they had a potential business on their hands.

Recent recipients of $2.6M in funding, LovePop will be featured on Shark Tank December 11th. Listen to the story of their rapid rise, the exciting things they have on the horizon, and why you won't find a better card for your loved ones this holiday season. Shop Now


Want to learn even more about LovePop? Head to another conversation we had with them on our Meet the Maker blog series here.

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  • Judy Says:

    Was your presentation on Shark Tank and loved it. Hope they turn out as good as they looked on TV!

  • maxine Says:

    I purchased five of the tree cards for my very special friends. The cards were just the perfect gift to show them how important they are to me. Thank you, they did the trick

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