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Meet the Maker: Tippy Tippens

Three years ago, we shared the story of one Maker and social entrepreneur on a mission to help with the  BP oil spill disaster in New Orleans. Tippy Tippens was a designer living in New York City who felt pulled to do something to help -- that's how BirdProject Soap was born. Today, we're catching up with Tippy to see how these little soaps have made a difference since their launch on The Grommet.

Meet the Maker, Tippy Tippens on  The Grommet


Four years have passed since the BP oil spill disaster  and creation of your company, BirdProject Soap -- tell us, how are things different four years later?

Well, unfortunately there's still oil to be cleaned up from the spill in 2010 and the effects of the corexit (dispersants) are still unknown. Recently, while on a trip to Florida, I learned that many fishing communities are still very worried  (especially about their oyster populations). What they need to do is shut the harvesting down for a few years in order for them to healthily return to normal levels, but they can't afford to do that. There is still a long way to go and oil spills continue to happen.

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You donate 50% of your profits to the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) and International Bird Rescue (IBR), can you share with us what impact that's made over the last three years?


I've asked GRN & IBR for insights on this and it really is wonderful to see how much BirdProject has helped both groups over the past three years.
Gulf Restoration Network: Tippy's contributions via BirdProject have funded several different aspects of our work. Monitoring: BirdProject's support has helped us clock hundreds of monitoring trips by plane and by boat since 2010 and file over 55 National Response Center (NRC) reports in just the past year. Without GRN's eyes on the beaches and on the bayous, many ongoing spills and impacts of the BP drilling disaster would go uncleaned and unreported. Our partnership with BirdProject enables us to hold corporate polluters and our government responsible for the ongoing impacts of oil, gas, and coal infrastructure across the Gulf. Transparency: Public participation and transparency are vital to help ensure that our decision-makers favor restoration that benefits our communities and our environment. With the help from BirdProject, GRN and a diverse coalition of community groups and organizations across the Gulf Coast are currently working towards involving the public in that process through training and advocacy.

International Bird Rescue: With the help of partners like BirdProject, International Bird Rescue (IBR) has led efforts to save oiled wildlife in many spills since the Gulf. Two of the most notable include the 2011 Rena Spill in New Zealand that affected Little Blue Penguins, and a Canadian oil sands spill last summer affecting migratory birds. And our work doesn’t stop when the oil spill headlines fade. Together, the rehabilitation teams at International Bird Rescue’s wildlife facilities care for thousands of aquatic birds each year, such as loons, herons, pelicans, terns and murres.


What's on the horizon for BirdProject?

BirdProject has two additional editions currently as well as new editions in the works, which we can share more of in the coming months. We're thrilled to have donated $21,000 to date & excited to see how high we can go by continuing to raise donations & spreading the word about Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) and International Bird Rescue (IBR) and all of the incredible work that they do!


Thank you for all of your support in making this happen, we are all a part of BirdProject! -- Tippy Tippens

Learn more about Tippy and the BirdProject Soap by watching our video here.


  • Trina Fidler Says:

    KUDOS to you Tippy!!!!! this is a great idea!!! hopefully we can all help the restoration. I just wonder WHY!!!!!!! this happens in the first place!!!????? don't these people of the vessels know where they are going?????? don't understand!!!!???? keep up the great work that you do Tippy!!!!!!!!

  • jeri Says:

    What a great idea! I am touch and bless that there are people who care enough.

  • Disgusted Says:

    I agree...are these vessel drivers blind???? These poor birds end up reeking in oil..and die because these stupid humans are ruining the earth ..first air now oceans and everything else they could destroy......wonder????

  • Deborah Ledingham Says:

    This is the most wonderful idea! I always cry when I see our beautiful creatures God blessed us with hurt. Your an inspiration to all of us, that something can be done by one person. Thanks for caring!

  • Tippy Tippens Says:

    Thank you Trina, Jeri, 'Disgusted', & Deborah for your support & comments, I appreciate your kind words & care for the animals and environment harmed by oil industries. There is still much work ahead before the industry is changed, but as Deborah mentioned, something can be done to help change it for the better even by one person. As each, single person creates change, we begin to build as a larger group to create even more good changes! All my best & big thanks again! And to Grommet for this lovely feature!

  • jay Says:

    Thank-you, Tippy, for your wonderful and incredible work. It is people like you who make this world a better place. :)

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