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Men Tell All: How to Pick Good Gifts for Guys

good gifts for guys: bottle opening sunglasses

Brewsees bottle opening sunglasses are one of the "coolest" Grommets around.


Let’s face it. Even if you think you know how to shop for men, what they want to receive is probably not what you think.  Men can be surprisingly particular, unpredictable and downright difficult to shop for when it comes to gift giving.

But don’t throw in the towel and pick up a gift card just yet, we're here to help. This week we decided to do some investigating and go straight to the source.  We asked some of our favorite Grommet guys for tips we can use when shopping for them.  Get your pen and paper ready because you may need to take notes.

Question 1: Do you like to be surprised when given a gift or do you always want to know what you’re about to open?

Majority Says:  No surprises. However our Business Analyst, Ian, did say he likes surprises once in a while. “I like being surprised, but only if it’s a really good gift. I typically buy myself items that I want. I don't wait around for someone to buy them for me.”

Take Away: When in doubt, don’t surprise. He’ll be just as appreciative even if he knows what's inside the box.

Question 2: Do you like gifts that are practical or more fun?

Majority Says: Practical. Matt, our Customer Support Specialist says “I like practical gifts because I’m not someone who likes to keep a lot of stuff around. I’d rather get something that I know I’m going to use. Something purely *fun* might end up collecting dust.”

Take Away: If you see a practical gift on their list, it’s probably the better choice.

 Kendama, Japanese skill toy: good gifts for guys

The Japanese Toy, Kendama is a favorite with boys and men!


Question 3: Who gives the best gifts - girlfriends or mothers?

Majority Says: Girlfriends. Dan, our Accounting Associate says “Girlfriends know you as an adult, on a different level than your mother knows you. In a way, your mom still sees you as a little kid.”

Take Away: Girlfriends are an un-tapped resource for ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask them if you’re stuck on what to buy.

Question 4: What’s the best place, blog or website to get inspiration for men's gifts?

Majority Says: No majority here!  Websites like Uncrate and Cool Hunting were mentioned and one guy even said “ask his friends and you’ll never go wrong.” Good advice!

Take Away: Ask his friends or family members, but we suggest that you get more than one opinion.

good gifts for guys, Wood Thumb Wooden Ties

Wood Thumb wooden bow ties is one of the more unique men's gifts.



Question 5: Any other advice on how to shop for men?

Majority Says: Several guys mentioned a gift that you might not consider -- dinner! Men love good food and drinks. And when a lovely lady in their life makes it for them, it’s even better. Jesse, our Video Director says “Dinners are great - as are good drinks. Don’t over-think it. We’re pretty simple.”

Take Away: Even if you can’t cook, take them out to their favorite restaurant and they’ll be as happy as a clam.

Looking for the perfect men’s gift? The Grommet has a whole category  just for you.


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