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More Grommets in the Wild

I recently posted updates about Grommets I spotted in San Francisco...now here's an update from the Detroit and Boston fronts.

First stop, the Maker Faire Detroit.  I was there to give a talk on Citizen Commerce (tm), while also kicking off a "Great Grommet Search" for Michigan based products.

Here I am struggling through some AV challenges before my talk, which were nicely mitigated by the Make Magazine editor Goli Mohammedi.

I chatted with Bethany Shorb and the Cyberoptix Tie Lab Studio Manager David at the Maker Faire in Detroit--where they had an expectedly well-conceived and merchandised booth.

Bethany has some terrific new designs.  My favorite was the blueprint for Cass Technical High School.  She said, "But I won't tell you where I got the originals."  The former (current?) rocker likes to live on the edge of danger in her art too, apparently.  I like this particular set of designs because Cass Tech was the Detroit public high school I was slated to attend until I snuck in my parents' basement, called a posh boarding school, and scared up a scholarship to attend (true story, abbreviated to make it snappy).

I ran into one of my junior high pals and "almost" Cass classmates while in Detroit.  I learned what I would expect...Cass Tech would have been a great educational home for me if the suburbs and a dorm by the lake hadn't called me away.

Back on the ranch, in Boston, I spent a few happy hours at the SOWA Open Air Art Fair on a steamy July Sunday.  I bumped into Jeff Weeks of Mean and Wroughten (remember the hand-made cribbage board from discarded tools?)

I forgot to snap a pic of Jeff, and when I went back to his booth, I found it being manned by a not-too-pleased Scott, who play-acted his anger at Jeff (with a dagger for prop) for taking off and not getting back at the agreed time.  That's Jeff being Jeff, methinks.  But we love his work.

I hung with Olivia Chamberland in the Zamforia booth of clever "It Says Love" t-shirts. They've opened their first retail location...if you are in the vicinity of Quincy, MA go check it out.

Speaking of retail locations, I also popped in to visit Michelle of Michelle Wiley Home on Union Square in Boston.

Michelle discovered the Jokipiin Pellava line of luxury Finnish bath towels and did  a gorgeous job explaining them in this video.  She's since expanded her shop, added a tight line of apparel, and an enthusiastic store manager named Keith, who gets to bring his dog to work too.

Michelle has a such a lovely sensibility to everything she chooses, and the way she does her displays.  Keith is making his mark too.  I am signing off with a few eye candy shots from the shop.

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