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most pinned products on Pinterest

When you pin an image of a Grommet, you're helping it succeed. That act of pinning a Grommet is much more than simply filing it away on your "gift ideas" or "cool products" boards. With every pin, there is a ripple effect. Our Makers (and their products) get in front of more eyes which is valuable for their businesses. Pinners get exposed to the best of the best when it comes to innovative products which enhances their discovery process on Pinterest. And you? Well, you get to be curators in your own right. What Grommets you pin and collect on your boards says something about your personal style and interests.  With every pin, you help influence what type of products and businesses succeed.

Needless to say, we get excited seeing our Grommets splashing across your Pinterest boards. Here's a look at the Grommets that have been the most pinned (by you) recently:

Compact Key Holder by KeySmart

A minimalist key organizer from KeySmart.


Bluetooth Speakers for the Shower by Speaker Creatures

A waterproof speaker from Speaker Creatures.


Pee Standing Up with P-Mate

Female urination device from P-Mate.


Detachable Round Brush by Click n Curl

Detachable brush set by Click n Curl.


Oil Sprayer by Evo

Oil sprayer from Evo.


Grout Cleaner Brush by Grout Gator

Tile cleaning brush from Grout Gator.


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  • pamela Says:

    love your stuff. Have ordered some of it.
    Pamela Vassil

  • Lillian Graber Says:

    I need a solution. I need something that works with carrying my cell phone. I would like some way to attach a lanyard to my phone. My pockets aren't big enough, unlike most men's pockets. I don't want to wear it on my wrist. I want something lightweight, but durable. I have dropped it in water, dropped it repeatedly, and now I have totally lost it. Please help!!!

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Lillian, Have you checked out Eyn? It is a great solution for carrying around your phone and has a wristlet. https://www.thegrommet.com/tech-gadgets/eyn-iphone-storage-case

  • Vicki Says:

    No offense, but the Eyn doesn't seem to be the solution Lillian is looking for. Lillian - you should check out the RooSport on KickStarter - a great pocket-type add-on to any waistband. I just ordered some and look forward to their arrival this fall - but I think there is also an older version available on amazon. Good luck!

  • sue Says:

    I have a stretch bracelet GLUED to the case on my phone. Use clear epoxy --holds perfectly forever

  • Dawn Peterson Says:

    Check Amazon for the water proof cases with a lanyard. Love mine. Use it to listen to my music on my motorcycle. About 9 bucks. It claims it's water proof to 20' of water so in case I get the urge. .. But the pics still looked good in water and you can hear thru it. Some people use it to float their phone in hot tub for music. So there's another option for all your unique needs. Oh yeah and hanging it in the shower to listen to or watch news. Endless ways for your 9 bucks to make you look like a genius!

  • Tori Says:

    Dawn, have you seen our launch of Aquapac? Check it out: https://www.thegrommet.com/tech-gadgets/423-aquapac-waterproof-bags-for-cameras-phones-ipods-and-more

  • Suzanne Says:

    While immersed in your fun, function and socially conscious products, I have wanted to PIN items to my Pinterest Boards, but can't... No iconic P or F(acebook) option for sharing... Can you make it easier for us by adding these sharing options on your website?

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Sharing the Grommets you find interesting on our site is fantastic (and wildly encouraged). It helps to amplify the stories of our Makers and helps to get their innovations in front of more people. We have social sharing options directly under each video on our site. Also, on the individual product pages you will see more social sharing right next to the "Details" heading. Thank you for sharing!

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