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Mother's Day--Story No. 1

A man I recently met asked me for a killer Mother's Day gift idea--he wanted something truly special for his wife.  After a few "research" questions, I pointed him to the Liquid Metal bracelet.

I was delighted to receive this enthusiastic email this morning.

This is my post-mother’s day huge “thank you”. My wife is a terrible liar. So, if she didn’t love your pick I would’ve known immediately. She LOVED it. She has never in the history of my gift-giving put something I gave her on right away - see my covert photo of her mother’s day afternoon nap (attached).

I received some wonderful gifts from my three sons this year, but found myself equally delighted to play a tiny role in another woman's Mother's Day.  Her husband is the real hero, though, for caring as much as he did about her response.

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