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Mother's Day Story No. 2

I just received this email from Daily Grommet customer, and friend, Nancy and it cracked me up:
"I sent my mother a Smith Island cake for Mother's Day. Her reaction was hilariously near hysteria. I never knew this, but in 1973 my parents had lined up a week's vacation on Smith Island at a local's house. The deal was that Smith Island families put up visitors for a week and cooked for them--an early version of a B&B, I guess. They had finalized their reservation and the hosting couple had bought all the food--and then my dad had to go Detroit because Ford wanted to transfer him. My mom had to cancel the reservation.

The woman hit the ceiling! She said that my parents would never be allowed to land on the island if they ever came back. My mom said that if that woman was still on the island and found out that cake was going to her, she would have stopped the shipment--or stepped on the cake before it went into the box!

The funny thing is that I never knew my parents had lined up this trip. It was to be a get-away just for the two of them. I was in high school at the time, and I certainly remember Ford telling my Dad they wanted him to transfer, but I have no recollection of a cancelled trip to anywhere called Smith Island.

My mom told the story to all her friends on the Isle of Palms, beginning with the preface "Nancy has a friend who has this company called Daily Grommet, and they feature one product a day. . ." So you got some publicity down there!"

Thanks to Nancy and her Mom for sharing this crazy bit of serendipity in our mutual lives.

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