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National Dog Day: doggie love and giveaway

In honor of National Dog Day, today's blog post goes out to all the dogs out there. It's no secret that there is an official 'Daily Grommet Dog Pack' around here (okay maybe it's just an occasional meet-up of our dogs when we bring in them into the office), so we thought why not give them some extra love on this official day?

National Dog Day

Here's Sydney, Stud and Dodger (3 of our Daily Grommet Dog Pack)

Daily Grommet is definitely a pro-pet workplace. Even when we do not have any four-legged friends in the office, we manage to go out and meet new ones (remember Chico?). Not to mention, a mild fight can break out over deciding who gets to test the newest pet-friendly Grommet finds. We have many unique finds the dogs go wild for. In fact,  I have a good feeling all of our pups are hooked on the Himalayan Dog Chews (I know my Dodger is).

We also take any opportunity to talk about dogs here on the blog. Whether it's sharing a story of the bond between people and their pets,  spotlighting a very talented artist who paints pet portraits, or interviewing an actual dog blogger and author (we had a translator), we love all things d-o-g.

national dog day

Here is McKinley [left] and Scout [right]. In the middle is a brand new pup (name to be decided).

And even though our dogs can get on our nerves from time to time, it's that loyal companionship that makes it all worth it. So, if your feeling the puppy love today, leave a comment and give  a shout out to your favorite fur friend.

Also, be sure to stop by our Facebook contest - we are giving away some of our favorite pet finds this weekend! This ones for the dogs!



  • KyraTX Says:

    Beautiful puppy dogs! I absolutely love my furry children: Mitzi (8), Sparkie (5) and our newest family member, Bear (3).

  • Karen M Helton Says:

    Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful babies, they look like such loves. I've been very lucky to have 3 amazing dogs during my life, each one with a heart as good as gold. My dog now, Maggie, is a feisty but adorable chocolate chihuahua. When she sits really still she looks like a chocolate Easter bunny. I'm stuck in bed most of the time in pain, and Maggie stays right with me all day, just loving me and keeping me company. I have a little dog with a lotta love to give and that makes me lucky.

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