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New discoveries and old pals at the NYIGF

Every year when the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) rolls around, everyone here at Daily Grommet gets a little bit excited (okay, a lot excited!).  We love to see all the great booths at NYIGF, catch up with old friends and of course make some new ones -- along with all our new discoveries (check out Jen's finds from last year).  The crowd this year was terrific.  Everyone had so much energy and enthusiasm, and were happy to tell us about all the great products they were finding, too!

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone while I was walking the show floors.


Hard to tell but it was both sunny and raining at the same time! This made for the perfect day to stay indoors and scout for new possible Grommets.

knobstoppers at NYIGF

Our pals at knobstoppers - their booth was packed! We learned that they have some new products in the works (we can't wait to see what they've been up to).

Cool booth at NYIGF

Design Legacy -- amazing stuff!

Light up peace sign! Tori and I agreed that our tweens would go mad for this!

MyDrap at NYIGF

Remember Grommet find MyDrap? They were there too and their booth looked great!

Another Grommet provided some interesting feedback.  We always wonder at the shows how much walking we actually do, and this trip, my Fitbit had the answer. More than 20 miles were logged in the two days I walked the show!

In addition, the team was asked to judge the Blogger's Choice Awards for the third time, and we'll have more to report on that topic very soon (here's a quick look at this year's winners).

Did you attend the NYIGF? We'd love to hear about what cool stuff you discovered!


  • Sarah Says:

    Thanks for sharing pics. I'm hoping to attend a future show as it seems amazing!

    You gotta love that you got exercise while meeting and discovery new grommets! So fun!

  • Anna ~ Random Handprints Says:

    love seeing all your pics. i was at the show too, but didn't see nearly enough. and man i was tired that night, now i know why. bet i covered 10 miles on my one day there.

    loved so many things, especially the handmade geography quilts made by a brooklyn quilter.

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