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Not sure where we will have meetings in the winter....

We're pretty crowded in our office space.  We have five rooms, if you include the sacrosanct and incredibly neat space maintained by our developers Gary and Eric.  (Their code is as impeccable as their bookshelves.)

The rest of us (five full-time, five part-time) live in three rather chaotic (at times) rooms.  We try to keep the fourth room open for video shoots and a conference table.  So, it's pretty typical for us to take a phone call outdoors--just to be able to hear the person on the other end.  (Aside:  we also have squeaky doors.  On a recent call, a person said to me, "Do you have parrots there?"  Jeanne suggested trying the KINeSYS sunscreen as a hinge lubricant.  It worked!  The doors are silenced.)

Lately, our meetings have been spilling outside too.  Barbara snapped this shot--our visitors for this particular meeting were really good sports about it.  Especially Meg, in the white pants, sitting on our well-trafficked stairs.

Where we take our overflow meetings at 6 Wallis Court

Where we take our overflow meetings at 6 Wallis Court


  • Gordon Says:

    How long have you been blogging...your good at it.

  • julespieri Says:

    Thanks Gordon. I got going in early 2007. So relatively new at it but I did a form of blog when I lived in Ireland...from 2001-2005. I just didn't call it that.

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