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Someone in this photo has a prehensile tail

Someone recently called me "odd" and meant it as a high compliment.  I took it that way, at least.  Now I know why I love this Daily Grommet team so much.  Because if I am "odd," then this collective bunch is "odd-to-the-tenth."

Let me explain.  We recently had a Clam Bake company outing for the Boston-based team, down in gorgeous Rhode Island.  We played a game.  (Not a creepy ropes-course-corporate-"trust" game.  Never!)  We tried to match a secret list of "little known facts about me" with the actual team members who self-reported individually.  Here we are playing it:

Here is the list of stuff we reported on ourselves. We had to stop to eat clams and we never found out who said, "I have a small, prehensile tail, which makes bike-riding uncomfortable, and wearing spandex or lycra, out of the question." Any guesses????

(You can see a whole bunch of photos from the outing here, on Facebook. )

Grommet Trivia Game

_______________   I was a cheerleader in college.

_______________   My first "real job" was at Double D's.
_______________   In high school I could eat 2 Big Macs in one sitting.

_______________   My first job was cleaning horse stalls/horse barn.

_______________   My first job was slicing bologna in the deli. Then I moved on to cashier at the local grocery store.

_______________   My first job was pushing an ice cream cart selling ChipWiches at a Six Flags.

_______________   My first boss weighed over 300 pounds, wore a toupee, and was investigated by the FBI and sent to prison for tax evasion.

_______________   One of my 1st jobs was sorting pearls at a costume jewelry factory.

_______________   My great grandmother, Ann Scott, was the first woman in Massachusetts to have a motorcycle license.

_______________   I have officiated a wedding.

_______________   I was an Alpine Ski racer in college.

_______________   My first boyfriend’s name was Dave.

_______________   I refereed IM Football at college on a Work/Study grant.

_______________    I saw a dead body in one of my summer jobs.

_______________   I dance the tango, bachata, merengue, cumbia and cha-cha-cha.

_______________   I was born premie and nearly died .

_______________   I proposed to my wife in Disneyworld and we had our honeymoon there.

_______________   My spouse proposed to me the day we met.

_______________   I have lived in the same house my whole life.

_______________   I fulfilled my college science requirement by taking the following three courses: Sports Physics, Space Physics, Trees  & Shrubs.

_______________   My dad was at sea on the day I was born.

_______________   My father was out to dinner drinking martinis at the Top of the Hub when I was born.

_______________   I swing dancing in my spare time.

______________  I worked for a community development organization - where one day I drove through a drug dealer’s shoot-out.

______________   I pine to spend a summer (for starters) on the Greek Island of Skiathos.

______________   My first two children were born in London in the same hospital wing, and possibly room, as Princes Harry and William.

_______________  Two of my uncles played minor league baseball.

_______________   My great-uncle was in the Guiness Book of World Records as the World's Kite-Flying Champion

_______________   I slept in a Berber village in Morocco.

_______________   My father and grandfather dug a tunnel and rescued Jews from Nazi ghetto next to their town, and boxed  with Fidel Castro.

_______________   I played the violin in the Longwood Symphony.

_______________   My first car was a tan 1983 Chevette, known throughout college as ‘the Vette”.

_______________   I race cars (sanctioned events only, no street racing).

_______________   There is a keg-orator in my basement.

_______________   I waitressed the summer after graduating from college at the Hard Rock Cafe where every hour I stood on a guitar-shaped table to sing and dance.

_______________   My grandfather's company built the underlying structures for all the rides at Disneyland.

_______________   I worked on cruise ships in Alaska and the Caribbean teaching computers.

_______________   I like to needlepoint.

_______________   I was state track champion two years in a row.

_______________   I had my nose pierced.

_______________  I was the first girl safety patrol officer at my elementary school

_______________   I'd like my ashes scattered on the beach in Hanalei, Kauai.

_______________   My father-in-law was an inventor of cooling agent used in all Wrigley chewing gum and other products.

_______________   If I could be reincarnated, I would come back as a cat. Preferably, one of my cats.

_______________   I performed in a play with a boa constrictor around my neck.

_______________   I love heavy metal music.

_______________   I broke my leg skiing in 3rd grade.

_______________   Eminem is a constant CD in my car.
_______________   My favorite thing to do is sit on the end of the dock at the lake and read.

_______________   I won ‘Miss Personality’ in high school.

_______________   I always get mistaken for “someone I knew in high school” by people on the street.

_______________   I was the Saint Patrick’s Dance Queen my senior year. (Kind of like prom for college kids.)

_______________   As one of five children (we also had two dogs) the ONLY family car was a British Racing Green, XJ12 Jaguar. Money was scarce but we did have food and a Jaguar!

_______________   I worked on cruise ships in Alaska and the Caribbean teaching computers.

_______________   I love slalom water skiing.

_______________   I have a small, prehensile tail, which makes bike-riding uncomfortable, and wearing spandex or lycra, out of the question.

_______________   I used to demonstrate software at conventions, wearing roller skates and a 'madonna style' head set.

_______________   I went to two K-12 schools at the same time. One was regular primary and secondary school and the other one was music school.

______________  I once built a bridge out of toothpicks that could support over 500 lbs.

_______________   My fingerprints are on file with state and local law enforcement.

_______________   My grandfather ran away from an orphanage at the age of 12 to later become a “millionaire” in the 1920s and had 12 children.

_______________   My great, great grandfather left the family and went to back to Italy. He never came back. It’s believed that  he got into a bar fight and was wanted for murder in Boston.


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