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Of course I buy this stuff

A man recently asked me, "So how much of this stuff [Grommets] do you buy?"  I couldn't tell if he meant it as a challenge.  No matter.  It's an easy answer: "A lot!"  I really believe in these products.   And we don't get to keep many of our test samples....they end up being either consumed, given away for testing by non-team members, or stored in our archives.  (I envision the Museum of Grommet, seriously, some day.)

So I go on our site and buy Grommets, just like everyone else.

Case in point.  Last week I used the E-Cloth to do two jobs I avoid.  Cleaning stainless steel (don't like the greasy sprays) and cleaning windows (always a production).  I especially avoid washing my chandelier.  I like to keep it sparkling.  But the reality is I get to clean it about twice a year.  The E-Cloth cut the time for the job in half by letting me just wipe and polish, rather than soap, scrub and dry.  Hooray.  I documented the results.

E cloth 001

All sparkly, in no time, using the E-cloth. This is a chandelier I designed, along with Chris Denison of Light Impressions Glasscrafters. It was inspired by a design by restaurant designer Adam Tihany.

Encouraged, I actually swooped over to clean our pretty disgusting front door.

E cloth 007

Formerly greasy front door, five minutes after meeting the E-Cloth

I didn't think to take photos, but I was probably even more impressed with the effectiveness of the E-Cloth stainless steel cloth.  It's now always close at hand in my kitchen.

So, the E-Cloth is particularly easy to demo in a blog post.  But I do really take many, many Grommets into my life.  I want to support these companies and they are truly special products.  I told my husband I wanted to give mainly Grommets for Christmas and mused, "Is that somehow cheating?"  (i.e. not working hard enough to find a gift).  He roared laughing....given the amount of work our team puts into selecting Grommets...these will be the most labored-over gifts we've ever given.

Buy E-cloth microfiber cleaning cloths here.


  • Thrownforaloop Says:

    sounds like a great product, I will be searching this one down; along with a dose of Carol Channing's advice about housework:


    Thanks for the great tip!

  • julespieri Says:

    Thrown for a loop...no need to search it down. We sell E-cloth on Daily Grommet. Click here. https://www.thegrommet.com/products/257-E-cloth-microfiber-cleaning-cloth-streak-free-cloths-clean-cloths

    Love the Carol Channing.

  • Kerri Gingerich Says:

    You can also purchase in Canada through http://www.buymicrofibrecloths.com/products.html

    They really are an amazing cloth !

  • dsi r4 Says:

    I see stuff in photos. I agree that you have to buy this stuff.but you have to keep clecning this stuff by out side because gardan is there.If you don't clecn that it looks ugly.

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