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Oh so twee, as they say in Ireland

I just tripped on a series of photos I took when Jeanne and I went to Martha's Vineyard.  We were there to meet Benjamin Taylor and talk about his CD, The Legend of Kung Folk.


Benjamin Taylor

I forgot to post the photos.  Here they are.  And "twee" means "impossibly cute", or something like that, in Ireland.  Martha's Vineyard's gingerbread cottages definitely merit the description.


I could have taken dozens of photos like this.


I always wonder how you get a life that lets you hang on on an island on a lazy Tuesday morning, chatting with the neighbors, aimlessly walking the dog, before age 65.


On the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard.  This is kind of a "twee" pose, no?  Making up for my nerdly/artsy high school years--retrofitting the photo album now.


Friends we made. Jovial retirees on their way to the Island for a round of golf.

Love the name of this cottage.

Check out the name of this cottage.

We were scheduled to take a mid-afternoon ferry back to the mainland. But we decided to take an evening one so we could do a little touring of the island. Good decision.

We were supposed to leave on a mid afternoon ferry. We rebooked for an evening return to the mainland so we could see a bit of the island. Good decision. I try to turn left when I should turn right, as often as possible. Which is not all that often.

Starfish are the coolest marine organism.

Starfish are the coolest.

Thanks again for hosting our visit Benjamin!  I can see why you once spent two years straight on Martha's Vineyard.  There are worse places to spend your time.

(I like how Benjamin's fans keep posting comments to him on our site, long after the actual Grommet day.  Check it out.)


  • Angella Says:

    I think you two ladies are definitely "twee."

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