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Oh The Places Our Partners Go!

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The Grommet is a product launch platform and for many companies and products, we are instrumental in launching them to the world. That said, each of our partners have different goals. Some may be looking for crucial connections to large retailers. Some may want to stay small and sell in boutique shops. We listen to each partner's needs and provide the best assistance when needed. Another aspect of our company that allows us to provide such strong amplification for our partners is our amazingly supportive community. They are who we rely on to tell the world which products should rise to the top. And they do it so well!

We take pride in the places that our partners go after they launch on The Grommet. They often get featured in big publications, or make crucial connections to larger retailers. Read below for some of the spots that our Grommet partners land after they launch on our website.

Product Launch | Vapur on The Grommet

The former Grommet, Askew! Toys was featured recently in Entrepreneur Magazine which highlights:

  • How Askew! Toys was acquired by Melissa & Doug after their launch on The Grommet.
  • How Grommet partner, Vapur recieved the right audience in the blogosphere to get attention they deserved. Now they're in international distribution.

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Product Launch | THRIVE

THRIVE Farmers Coffee received a full-length feature piece in The New York Times.


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Gleener was included in celebrity gift bags at the Academy Awards this past spring.


New Products | The Grommet

Malpaca luxury pillows was contacted by a major retailer within minutes of launch because they had seen them on The Grommet.


 New Products | The Grommet

Vinnibag, the protective travel bag was featured in high-level publications like Forbes.


Are you our next Grommet partner? Where do you want us to take you? 


  • Tanya Burns Says:

    I have a product that i am trying to get out there so people would buy. How can i send you a picture of my work, im sure you will love it. Thanks

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Tanya! We'd love to see your work. You can submit your product to our Citizens' Gallery here: https://www.thegrommet.com/citizens-gallery

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