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One "citizen" feels the pressure

We have a cast of "frequent flier" people who regularly submit Grommet ideas.  They matter a lot to us and we pay close attention to their thoughts.  One man who previously suggested two successful Grommets, recently had a third idea rejected.  We really like this guy's enthusiasm and his great ideas.  However, this third one was for a single-purpose device and we just didn't see its use justifying its own existence.  And we didn't think it would fly with our audience either.  (It was a small portable device to allow you to see Wikipedia information at your fingertips, without a computer.  It might have good educational environment uses--just less compelling for the home.)

He was a bit chagrined by the turn down.   He recently told me,

I'm now testing out a new product I really like.  It's something in the "green cleaning" device area.  But I am being SO much more careful.  I hadn't really given the last idea a thorough vetting.  Now I want to be sure this one is worth a serious look before I suggest it.  It's kind of an ego thing.

(I can surely relate.  The Discovery Team does not hesitate to reject my weaker ideas too!)

While I sure as heck do not want to discourage this man's future stream of suggestions, I appreciate his concern for serving up quality products that really deliver on their story.  He's graduating to some kind of "uber" Citizen Commerce participant.  I need to come up with a name for THAT kind of person, now.

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