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Online places you should visit: Fabulously40.com

fabulously40com-logoSometimes I seriously can not believe that I am 42 years old.  That sounds like the age of someone who is much more together than I am.  Perhaps the age of someone who has a clue about how to actually get her grocery shopping done so her family doesn't run out of toilet paper and milk every week.  But here I am, an unorganized teenager running in 100 different directions, trapped in the body of a 40-something.  What's a girl (er, middle-aged woman!) to do?

Thank you, Fabulously40.com , for building an active, rich online community and social network for all kinds of women (the organized ones, and then the ones like me) in their 40s and beyond.  If you're 40ish or older, you've got to check it out.  It's a really smart site full of groups, blogs, articles and resources on topics ranging from aging parents to exercise to make-up tips to all kinds of parenting and career issues.  Members are friendly and helpful -- there's a really positive vibe there.

At Fabulously40,we believe the time has come to start having a life of your own!

The site encourages all of us to live a more rewarding life and to take care of ourselves.  Kind of like a cross between your girlfriends and your aunts telling you to "take care of you".  That's nice.  A friend of mine says, "I'm a member of Fab40 because I love being my age, and I want to act my age and enjoy it!  I like that it discusses the problems and obstacles and funny situations someone my age faces."

Bravo!  Thanks to the team at Fabulously40.com --  you've got a few fans here at Daily Grommet (not that I'm going to tell you anyone else's age!).  Keep up the good work.

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