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Online places you should visit (if you love dogs): Dogster.com

Today on Daily Grommet we're featuring the adorable Bowchies, sharp looking dog collars and leashes that hold up after many washes and soaks. And if you happen to be a dog person (which I am not, just for the record, and I say this fully realizing that some hard core dog lovers might be throwing virtual rotten eggs my way) you've got to check out one of the most lively and passionate online communities I've ever visited: Dogster.com.

In fact, I'm going to venture to say that even if you're not a dog person, you should check out Dogster. I've followed the company's amazing growth and development almost from day one (and have to confess that I stalk their corporate blog more often that I'd like to admit) and my favorite part about it is that as soon as Dogster.com opens up on my screen, I feel like I am in the company of people who truly love their dogs. Having built an online community and working hard to build one here at Daily Grommet, I know just how hard it is to create a space where virtual strangers can truly connect, share ideas, and talk about their interests and passions. The folks at Dogster have figured it out.

And for that, they are our weekly pick for Online Places You Should Visit (and tell them Daily Grommet folks sent you.)

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