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Op Yop, a toy revival

Last summer, Jules met the founders of Op-Yop at the Detroit Maker Faire, and she wrote a piece for the Time Magazine blog that included Darcy Bronersky and her father Jim Bronersky who brought this toy back to market in 2010. The op-yop was a big fad in 1968, and when Darcy spotted the original molds for sale on Craig's List, a revival was born. Since early last year, Jim and Darcy have been selling the new op-yops at Maker's Faire and many other street fairs and events, and we've been lucky enough to play with it at Daily Grommet, too.

It's the kind of toy people can't help but pick up to see if they can make it work. We can see why it was a fad! If you want to get one, go to www.op-yop.com. Here are two short clips I took when Anthony and Jules stopped by my desk to to try it.

Here's Anthony

And Jules

As you can see, the revival of this retro toy puts smiles on the faces of many.

Did you ever play with the original Op Yop? What other retro toys would you like to see make a comeback?

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