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Out of the mouths of interns....


This is Julia Kemp, our summer intern. She's an MBA student at Simmons College. She is also an industrial designer...in fact, Julia designed the fitness line at Target--her former employer. She's astute, engaged, bright, composed, articulate, and very special. For her first Grommet video, she only had about a half hour warning and she handled the situation like a pro.  Take a look at how she did! We hope she decides startups are fun and not just crazy, and returns to us soon.

She recently made an observation about leaving a big company to work at Daily Grommet:

"I can't believe the range of things you each cover.  You have to be super heroes!"

That made me feel great.  It does feel insane sometimes to hop from a spreadsheet, to doing a video, to negotiating a deal, to testing a pineapple peeling tool.   But I can't imagine working in a job ever again where my role is to simply improve on the performance of the person I replaced.  How dull would that be?

Anyway, it's fun to see our work through Julia's very observant eyes.

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