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Outlet Anywhere

Outlet Anywhere: Sherborn, MA

What is it?

Updated baseboard moulding.

Read more about this product straight from the founders below!

Product Description:

The Problem:

Traditional electric outlets are fixed, immovable fixtures that dictate where people place their furniture, electronics and décor. Outlets can be hard to reach if they are placed behind furniture and an eyesore if they are out in the open with messy cords draping across the wall or trailing across the floor. If you have an outlet on a switch, you are stuck. Those outlets are determined at the time of construction and can’t be changed later…so that table lamp always has to be in the same spot in the room unless you want to rely on an ugly extension cord or rip apart your wall and call an electrician. There has to be a better way.


The Solution:

Outlet Anywhere integrates a power management system into the baseboard mouldings of your
home. Our modular outlets are hidden away inside of your baseboard mouldings and can easily
slide anywhere along the length of your wall.

With Outlet Anywhere you can:

1. Choose exactly how many outlets you want in any room.

2. Place those outlets exactly where you want them

3. Decide which outlets should be standard or switchable outlets

4. Hide away unsightly cords

5. And most importantly, you can change your mind at any time with very little effort or

Outlet Anywhere provides convenience, aesthetics, and cost savings. Outlet Anywhere works by disguising an access channel as the face of baseboard moulding. Within the channel, the moulding accepts a recepticle which can be secured safely with a turn. Turning to the left connects as a standard outlet, while turning to the right engages the switchable circuit. Electricity is delivered via a track which is completely out of harm’s way within the moulding. The system is further protected by GFCI. Outlet Anywhere allows you to add (or remove) power outlets to your room easily and far more inexpensively then using an electrician. Outlet Anywhere saves money in installation costs for renovations and new builds. Typical installation requires roughing in dozens of outlet boxes, drilling holes through studs for wiring, making sure the boxes are flush with the builder's specs for drywall, choosing a single outlet to be on a switch and wiring that correctly, etc. With Outlet Anywhere, an electrician just needs to provide one power access point (and an optional wall switch) per room. Outlet Anywhere can be installed by a carpenter when they are doing finishing carpentry.

Twitter handle:  @outletanywhere


Team Bio: 

George Conlow and Tim Blacquier spend their days working together as online product managers within a Fortune 500 company with a focus on new products and services that help moving consumers. By night, they spend their time collaborating on concepts and products that improve everyday life. George has a B.A in both economics and international relations from the University of California, Davis and an M.B.A. from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College. He loves spending time with his kids playing his guitar and singing. George enjoys discovering the world through the internet and watches far too much YouTube. Tim graduated with a B.S. in management and a minor in computer information systems from Quinnipiac University in 2002. His first job was in the puzzle industry which fueled his career-long interest in problem solving. He lives in Natick with his wife and two children.


  • Kevin BAGNALL Says:

    Will the outlets nave USB charging outlets?

  • Tim Says:

    A future version will definitely have the ability to incorporate USB, VGA, CAT5, etc. to allow more devices to connect to the baseboard. For now, we're focusing on mastering the electrical system in it.

  • Kathleen Moulton Says:

    I say you have a very desirable product there. If things do not go as you hope then I say Go to HSN or QVC . Your ability to reach millions is there. I should know as I am one in a million!

  • Steven Plomaritis Says:

    Building concrete house figure putting electric in base boards on finished concrete walls, no drywall. Ideas?

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