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Phone a friend. Or not....

Photo from Metropolitan Home

Our kitchen is a bit crowded right now.  My son and two friends are making french fries.  I am making ketchup.  (One of those ridiculous things I try just once, for fun, like making bagels, or brioche, or sushi.)  My recipe tells me to peel four tomatoes.  I don't know how, and I think,

I should call Anne.  She'll know how.

Meanwhile, the three teenage boys are using my son's  favorite Christmas present, a FryBaby.  It hasn't seen a lot of action lately (woo hoo, says I).  My son forgets how to tell when the vat-o-oil is ready.  He says,

I'll Google it.

Now, I Google plenty.  My son consults his friends a lot too.  But I still thought it was funny that my first thought was to ask a person, and his first thought was to ask a tool.  Nothing profound there.  I am three decades older than he.  But our opposite instincts still made me laugh.

Short random takes:

  • Oddly, I'd planned to make the ketchup with no prior knowledge of the french fry plot.  I was just eager to try making ketchup with all the juicy tomatoes available at my farm market.  I get inspired to try silly recipes when I read them on the dock in Maine.  Usually I tear them out and quickly, wryly, tear them up when reality hits me again, back at home.
  • Here is my ketchup recipe, from the current issue of Metroplitan Home.  I just finished cooking it (albeit neglected and somewhat burned at the bottom of the pan, because I have been simultaneously writing this post.)  It's much spicier than Heinz.  More adult.  Overheard; son telling friends, "I don't know what this tastes like.  Not ketchup.  But it's good."
  • Oddly, the only place I could find the recipe was on Yahoo! Shine.  Two reactions:  why are so many magazines so poor at indexing their content?  (OK, I know, dying businesses don't invest.)  Second:  Hooray for Yahoo! Shine.  We have a nice relationship with them at Daily Grommet and I think they are really trying to run good content.
  • Here's one "No-I-am-not-crazy" reason to make homemade ketchup, that I just picked up on Yahoo!....the third ingredient in commercial ketchup is high fructose corn syrup.
  • In making this ketchup, I finished up my precious bottle of French apple cider vinegar I bought at an Irish farm market.  It's my secret pie crust ingredient.  I hope I can find the same Stateside.
  • Teenage boys are changing.  Cooking is cool.  I took this same trio to the mall last night. Visiting Williams Sonoma was their second requested destination.  "Dinner" was first.  I was quietly waiting for "Game Stop," but it never came up.
  • OK enough Betty Crocker.  There must be a product road map or spreadsheet I should be building.


  • Yvonne Moss Says:

    Wondering if it tastes cinnamony. I'm not sure about adding it. I'd like to know what the boys thought of it. I often blog about interesting recipes also. (Just one day a week though) Last week, I blogged about my son making homemade hummus using shelled edamames. Loved that you too have boys who love to be in the kitchen. Touches my heart. The next generation just might have more guys who cook well then girls!

  • Tomato Catsup » Phone a friend. Or not…. « Daily Grommet Says:

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  • julespieri Says:

    Hi Yvonne...not exactly straight cinnamony...more generally spicy. I dumped in too much so you will be safe if you use the recommended amount or a little less, if you are concerned.

    Wow...shelled edamames. That's a lot of work.

    I set out to teach my boys to cook when I had my third son. A young, single woman challenged me to deliver competent men into the world to marry women like her who wanted fully functional mates. I liked that thought, and took it to heart. Any adult (of either gender) should at least know how to feed themselves. Even animals can do that!

  • Yvonne Moss Says:

    Well, yes. The first time my son made this, he used regular edamames. Then, I told him that they are available in the frozen section... already shelled! You do have to boil them, though! But much easier!

  • Yvonne Moss Says:

    I re-read your comment to be and decided I should respond to the other point you made about "delivering competent men into the world" and how everyone should be able to feed themselves. How true this is. Being in my 50's, this isn't something women my age EVER expected! Our men were raised by momma's that did everything for them. I am lucky enough to have a man who does windows, floors, dishes and makes the bed. He will clean when he sees things dirty! However, he knew how to cook before I married him 34 years ago and SOMEHOW forgot after. Haha. Cooking, however is a passion of mine ... so I didn't mind. I am glad that both my boys are not afraid to try something new in the kitchen. My son in law has also learned how to cook. My daughter is a musician, spending many weeks on the road. He feeds himself just fine. He even cooked for her when she was home this week.
    Men cooking...one of the ways our world is changing for the better.

  • julespieri Says:

    I love your thoughts and family stories Yvonne. I agree....this represents a change for the better. Cool about your daughter being a musician too...

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