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Product Pitch: From home plate to a home run .... and the winner is

Daily Grommet  teamed up with Indiegogo, Google Apps and Boston.com to power a 10-team product competition at Fenway Park on March 19, 2013. You met the Players, learned about the expert Coaches and have likely even read some of the great press coverage about the big event, but have you met the winner?

A quick recap: Ten finalists competed in a series of creative business challenges to prove their product concept to a panel of business, design, media and VC executives. Each team used Google Apps to collaborate with the panel throughout the day. The finalists were all driven, each with an innovative product and compelling story.  But alas, only one could win.

Antonia Dunbar, co-founder of the winning team, THINX

As the winner, was THINX! THINX (whose tagline reads: change your underwear) will now bring their product to market via the expert consultations of a product launch team headed up by our own Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, co-founders of Daily Grommet.

Congratulations to THINX, where fashion and technology intersect to solve a global problem. To see their winning moment, watch the replay of the live event over on Boston.com.

The THINX team is comprised of Antonia Dunbar (pictured above), Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal, three women who have created high-performance underwear that is leak/stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and lasts for several years. Their mission is to help women all over the world avoid the inconvenient and embarrassing accidents that can occur while menstruating, during/after pregnancy and more. As part of this, THINX partners with a company that makes reusable menstrual pads for women in developing countries to help them lead healthy and productive lives during their time of month.

What's next for THINX? They'll bring their product to market with the help of a Daily Grommet product launch team and support from eight other great prize sponsors including Indiegogo, PRNewswire, MassChallenge, Shipwire, General Assembly, Grasshopper, Workbar and IdeaPaint.

After hearing their name called, team THINX headed up for a high-five with our CEO, Jules Pieri. This pretty much sums it up for us too -- we're thrilled to be moving forward with team THINX!

For photos from the live event, visit our Facebook album here.

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