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Pssst! I have a secret...

Please, please don't tell my father-in-law.  But I always forget about Father's Day until it's about two days away.  Yes, my husband is a dad, too -- but he's right here, and I know that as much as I should plan ahead to make the love of my life's day special, in truth I can always throw together a last-minute plan.

My father-in-law lives a few states away, though.  And Father's Day just isn't as top of mind for me as say, Mother's Day... (see my note in this post on Father's Day gift ideas-- I'm not alone, I'm afraid).  Typically good ole Dad just doesn't get the royal treatment.

So here I am again - three days before Father's Day, without a card or gift in the mail.  But this year, I am so totally lucky.  Because my friends here at "the Grommet", as I affectionately call it, found the best last-minute Father's Day gift ever:  Animoto online slide shows.

This will be a home run in so many ways.  What could be better than photos of your loved ones set to music?  My father-in-law is an accomplished

"Dadola", my kind and oft-neglected father-in-law

and avid photographer, so I'll use some of his photos, too.  I think he'll be crazy about it, show it off to all his friends at the office, and play it again and again.  And the best thing is, I can sit down with a glass of wine tomorrow night, put it together, and voila!  My last-minute gift may just be the best gift of all.  I just hope he doesn't read this post first!

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