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Puppy Love

Today's Grommet is Slurpabowls, portable containers for your pet's food or water.  We get how important pets are to so very many people, so we invited  Amanda to talk to us about her relationship with her pet, Rolo.  I think many of us can relate...

By Amanda of Kickyboots

I kind of hate my dog right now.

Don’t call PETA. There’s still kibble in his bowl and water in his dish, but I think Rolo and I need to go to counseling or something. It’s not him, it’s me.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to be one of them: an owner who let her dog sleep in bed with her, dressed him in funny doggy t-shirts, bought him special treats and took him everywhere with her.

Amanda and RoloThen something happened. I had a baby. My dog, who had previously been my baby, transformed overnight into just a dog.

Now we’ve got two daughters and somewhere along the line, this poor dog became nothing more than another creature that needed something from me. There would be nights when I had been up four times with a ravenous newborn and just as I would settle in for my blissful 3 am nap, Rolo would start whining to go out for a pee. And it enraged me! Dumb DOG!

Just like when a relationship begins to grow stale, the best thing for the parties to do is remember what brought them together in the first place, why they fell in love, rekindle the flame.

I need to do that with Rolo.  He’s worth it.

When I first brought him home, he slept on my chest all day and I marvelled at his every little breath, the curve of his furry eyelashes, his soft warmth. I relished teaching him tricks; I cuddled with him in the evenings. He’s a great dog, loyal to the end, great with our kids.

Tonight I’m going to pat his head, remember the puppy love we shared, and fight the urge to punt him across the bedroom if he whines to be let out at midnight.


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  • Jennifer W. Says:

    Thanks for writing this, I feel the EXACT same way. I don't hate my dog but the instant that baby came home she became "just a dog" and REALLY FREAKING ANNOYS ME MOST OF THE TIME. I don't even feel bad about it anymore, is that bad? I just have so many other priorities... anyway, I totally get you.

  • Heather Says:

    I concur! I never thought I would be 'that person' but the minute we had our daughter, our two dogs took the backburner. Thanks for making me realize I am not alone.

  • Bethany Says:

    Amanda... this is very emotionally charged! Maybe more mom's are feelin' this post than ones about poops and pukes? On bad days... yes I hate my dog too. I CURSE myself for letting the DOG happen to us. But, when Ruthie is beggin for this and that - the dog seems pretty frickin' easy to deal with. Maybe the real issue is that our kids should be more like dogs.

  • Heidi Says:

    Funny how animals who were once our babies become just pets after the real baby comes. I felt that way about my cats and ended up finding them a new home (with Grandma). Now that my girls are older we have a pet again, and the cat is just that, a cat.

  • chan Says:

    You know, this is the first time I've actually heard anyone say this. I'm so glad you did because now I feel slightly less alone in totally hating my dog now that my baby is here. I used to be such a dog mama, you know? He slept in the crook of my shoulder, he got walked twice a day, he came with me EVERYWHERE ... and now, I can count on two hands the number of times we've walked him since my daughter was born ELEVEN MONTHS AGO. It's awful. I am even shushing him right now so I can finish typing this! In my most exasperated moments, I feel like we're only keeping him because the baby LOOOOVVESSS him.

    I don't know where to go from here, actually --- he's used to such better treatment, and I just don't have that to give anymore. Here's hoping it gets easier to balance full-time mamahood and full-time dog ownership.

  • Kerri Anne Says:

    There are definitely days I think I could live without Iggy, and then I realize how quiet and less spazzy our days would be, and how I miss his little snorty face everytime we go away for even a day.

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