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Ready, set, push the red button

When we were just about to go live with our new site, I was IM'ing with someone and I wrote, "The ops team is waiting for me to give the OK to push the red button on the black box."    The guy on the other end of the chat believed me--that there really is a black box with a red button.  That was such a charming idea, that we took a photo of Patti and Anthony pushing a button and "going live."

Don't they look amazing for being beyond sleep-deprived?  (This was at 1AM and they did not get any sleep at all afterwards either, watching their new creation take its first public steps.)


  • Dennis Says:

    so what happened to my favorites list...since you shifted to the new site, it's disappeared.

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Yes, you are right. We were unable to bring those over in time for launch, but we're working at it right now and hope that all favorites will be migrated over to the new site soon. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

  • julespieri Says:

    Here's an update Dennis...we'll have your Favorites (and everyone else's) transported over this week. Thanks for our patience. Even with all the midnight hours we could not get this completed for the launch. Believe me we know how important those lists are!

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