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Real Deal Road Trip No. 1; Dave's Fresh Pasta

At Grommet we get to give a name and face to businesses that would otherwise likely be depersonalized in a "normal" commerce experience.

As a companion to my day job, I am going to start sharing some of the more local "real deals" I find in my ordinary travels.  These are businesses or experiences that humanize life.  I'd love for others to share theirs and I will post them.  Just send me photos (and a little narrative) about real-world places, businesses, experiences that personalize your own daily travels.  Here is my first installment.

Dave's Fresh Pasta--Somerville, Massachusetts

2009-11-07 14.18.05
Dave's Fresh Pasta, Somerville, MA

Dave's Fresh Pasta is a crowded, cheerful warren of little food-filled rooms.  Beyond the homemade pasta, Dave's sells a lovely cross section of cheeses, wines, dry goods, and produce, plus great deli creations.  You can craft a dinner on the spot or just happily order for immediate consumption.

I like watching customers enter.  As people cross Dave's threshold, they magically transform from "blah" to delighted. Couples cuddle up, they smile, people breathe deeply. Their whole affect says, "I am in a good place. These Dave's people know what they are doing. I can't go wrong here with the [fresh ravioli, or cheese, or wine, or deli sandwich] I'm about to select."

2009-11-07 14.16.56

2009-11-07 14.11.48
Getting my pumpkin and goat cheese ravioli boxed up.  As one couple was repeatedly somewhat slow to respond to questions about their order, this employee rolled her eyes and said quietly, knowingly: "Lovebirds."

Sorry about blurry photos...getting use to my new Droid.

2009-11-07 14.14.29
Cornucopia of cheese. Charmed to note the value created by  the helpful annotations that go with the curated selections.  I like when a bookstore or video rental place does that too. "Staff picks" etc.
2009-11-07 14.15.38
Dave encourages people to donate CD's that the shop then sells for $1, donating the proceeds.

I've only been to Dave's twice and I already trust the place.  Everything I've tried is worth the effort of getting there, and I want to support their emphasis on careful curating of quality.  You don't need vast choices when it comes to wine, or cheese, or olive oil, or pasta.  You just need good ones.

P.S. I liked this short Globe essay by Christopher Muther, about faux town center malls.   It came out a few days after I wrote this post.   It's called "He's Authentically Disappointed."  New lifestyle center is a mall of confusion - The Boston Globe

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