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Recent Press: and the Oscar goes to...

As exciting as it is to launch a new product here on Daily Grommet, for us, it gets even better when we get to see how the world reacts to these innovative ideas and passionate entrepreneurial stories. For our partners, a Grommet launch is just the beginning of some well deserved attention.

Here’s the most recent press for our Grommet partners:


Daily Grommet discovers Dukkah in 2011 with the launch of Oregon Dukkah

Did you know each year McCormick Spice Co. releases a yearly flavor profile list? They forecast what flavors and spices will be on-trend in the upcoming year. For 2013, they've highlighted Dukkah. If you remember back to 2011, you might think of Grommet Oregon Dukkah founded by Donna Dockins. Well, we're thrilled to see the world is catching up with the news about Dukkah and we're excited to see Donna's business continue to grow and thrive!

Toffee Talk takes home another award!

Toffee Talk takes home another award!

Also, more great news for Grommet Partner Toffee Talk! We were excited to learn that Toffee Talk had been awarded the prestigious 5 Star Award for Best Chocolatiers and Confections in America! We already knew they were the best -- so happy to see others giving them the recognition they deserve.

image courtesy of celebzter.com





If you caught the Academy Awards show last night -- you saw great fashion and many Oscars. But, what you didn't see what the Oscar swag-bags the celebrities received. Word is TWO Grommets were included. Any guesses which Grommet finds made their way to these Hollywood celebs? We'll give you a tiny hint: check out Gleener and Green Garmento!

We can't wait to see what's in store for our other Grommet Partners, they're definitely taking the world by storm!


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