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Recent Press: WSJ, Fast Company and LIVE TV fun!

As exciting as it is to launch a new product here on Daily Grommet, for us, it gets even better when we get to see how the world reacts to these innovative ideas and passionate entrepreneurial stories. For our partners, a Grommet launch is just the beginning of some well deserved attention.

Here's the most recent press for our Grommet partners:


Woolly Pockets covered in the Wall Street Journal

Sabi was recently featured in Fast Company. The article 5 Innovation Lessons From A Breakthrough Brand Aimed At Aging Americans does a great job at highlighting the innovation behind the Sabi products.

We also loved seeing the hosts of BetterCT get giddy over one of our favorite accessories -- Joolz Hayworth bracelets. Check out this video replay  of the live segment (around 1:47) to see their reactions!

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