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Savor your Summer With These Pickling Recipes

Hi, my name is Meghan Gibbons and I am a Discovery Team Intern who has just started here at The Grommet. As an incoming senior at Boston College, I was looking to have a summer internship that would be a learning experience but also a great place to work. I think I have found it! Such new and creative ideas are always popping up and I am excited to spend my summer here discovering them all.

In my first week here, I learned that The Grommet is launching an at home pickling set this summer. As a girl who grew up in South Jersey, I have been able to experience the delicious fresh summer produce coming from local gardens but I had never thought of finding a way to enjoy those flavors all year long. One of the main reasons I love summer is because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Every meal I eat incorporates something fresh. Whether it be sweet ears of corn, blueberries that burst in my mouth with flavor, or a cool and crisp cucumber in my salad I am a happy eater. I used to think, if only those flavors could last all year long. Pickling? Who knew about this genius technique? Okay -- maybe generations past have mastered this technique but it's all completely knew to me! Turns out my great grandparents, straight from Italy, pickled everything they grew in their small urban garden and did their fair share of pickling. Maybe I'll be a natural?

As a novice pickler, I was intrigued to find out how this technique worked. Of course the first place I looked was the Internet. My “pickling” search results were endless and I cannot wait to try  out the  recipes myself. Here are some of the delicious pickling recipes I found (please try to refrain from drooling onto your keyboard as you read them).

 pickling recipes

As a lover of nectarines once summer has arrived, I was immediately attracted to this Rachael Ray recipe for Nectarine Pickles (follow this link to get the recipe). Just the thought of being able to indulge in juicy sweet nectarines all year round makes me eager to try this simple recipe out.






pickling recipes | asparagus
When it comes to vegetables in the summertime, nothing beats stocking up on stalks of asparagus. With a mother who loves asparagus, I have learned nearly every cooking technique of asparagus: grilling, sauteing, blanching, baking, putting in pasta salad, making in an omelette, etc. One technique that the Gibbons household has not tried out yet is pickled asparagus. With this Pickled & Peppered Asparagus I think that my mom will be adding another asparagus recipe to her collection. (To try out the recipe, here is the recipe from A Farm Girl’s Dabbles)

relish pickling recipesAfter discovering this recipe, I was interested in finding a recipe for my favorite vegetable during the summer, corn. Nothing screams it is time for a barbeque more than corn on the cob. Often accompanying the corn are some juicy burgers and hotdogs right off the grill, which I always top with my favorite condiments. Finding a condiment that has my favorite summertime vegetable as one of the starring ingredients was awesome and I plan to try out this Sweet Pepper and Corn Relish recipe from Karen Solomon’s blog.

My "pickling research" has made me even more excited to get started. All I need now are my supplies and ingredients. As a college student on a budget, I'm excited about extending the life of my  fresh summer produce. Wish me luck on my pickling adventure!

Have your own pickling recipe you want to share? I would love to explore and experiment other recipes! Feel free to leave a comment below.


To see the DIY Pickling Set from Backyard Farmer, click here.


  • Caroline Says:

    The pickled asparagus looks delicious! It's one of my favorite vegetables, too!

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